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Nerdcore for LifeKenny recently informed me that I was “nerdcore“. After watching the trailer for the Nerdcore For Life documentary, I could only admit that he was right. I didn’t even know it. Some of the latest lyrics for my hip hop adventure have been quite the geeksta rap. I haven’t really had the time to get it down on disk, but MC Invidkllr is alive and well. I’m looking forward to the documentary and have mentioned to SXSW Interactive that they should consider having a Nerdcore Night or showcase. Nerds are here and they’re strong with computer skillz at +20. R3PR3$3NT N3RDC0R3 4 L1F3!!!

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What have I been doing?

flyerA lot has been going on lately.

I lost my job and two weeks later found a lot better one that I am enjoying now. Thanks to everyone who helped out with contacts and leads.

Coby’s team, the Green Aliens, finished their season with 4-2 record resulting in placing 2nd place for their division.

Red River Dead Livers softball team ended their season with a 0-6 record.

I’ve also joined an indoor soccer team, Hooligans F.C., which is also on a losing streak but we are in a division higher than we should be. But the challenge is good for the team. Come out to the games, we have the largest supporter turnout out of all the other teams. OI! OI! HOOLIGANS!!

Kenny and I debuted our DJ skills as DJ INVIDKLLR and DJ V.I.N.CENT at Red 7 last Tuesday night, which was titled “Red Dawn @ Red 7″. It was a successful start as we had friends and strangers dancing on the dance floor and having a good time. Our catelog of music as increased since then and we’ll keep you updated on the next time we’ll be doing it.

That’s about it for now. I know there has been a lot of gaming news going on that I’d like to post my 2 cents about, but I’ll leave that for another post.

I hate Henry Rollins

The other night I went to Music Monday at Alamo Drafthouse Downtown and saw Ghost on the Highway: A Portrait of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club by Kurt Voss. It was a great documentary. I personally had never really been aware of The Gun Club and the film, due to legal issues, did not have any of their music in the film at all. The interviews were hillarious, especially the ex members of the band. The college kid got pretty annoying. But the main reason why I blog about this, is that this film also interviewed Henry Rollins and furthermore this film further instilled the fact that I can’t stand Henry Rollins. His pretentious attitude and because he was punk and in Black Flag, that means he’s a god. God I can’t stand him. His stand up comedy wasn’t funny. I don’t really care for his spoken word, I think it’s boring. His talk show on IFC is good except for him being in it. If he weren’t so arrogant about his fame I don’t think I would have such a problem, but the fact that he is, but plays it off that he doesn’t care about all that is really annoying. Ok, I think that’s all. The film was good though. And as I listen to The Gun Club now, it’s good. It reminds me of some of the Texas rock/punk that was going on in the mid/late 80′s (Loco Gringos, Last Rights). Check it out.


SXSW07Is it too early to be getting excited about SXSW07? People from out of town are already posting messages about trying to find a place to stay. Even Mr. Hollywood himself, Mytch, is planning on coming down. I’m excited….already. ScreenBurn Beta Fest should be better this year. A keynote by Dan Rather could be interesting. Oh and then there’s all the music stuff too, oh and the film stuff as well. Countdown is on and I’m ready!

Just Guns tonight!

George’s band, Just Guns, is playing tonight at Red Eye Fly! It should be a good show.

Michael Kingkaid (of What Made Milwaukee Famous), The Stock Market Crash, Organ Thief, Just Guns at the Red Eyed Fly

If anyone wants to meet up with me for dinner at Trudy’s central, gimme a shout.


So what is everyone doing for the big day? Satan’s day. The official National Day of Slayer. It’s also the opening day of The Omen remake. I think I might wear all black and listen to Slayer all day. I thought about taking the day off of work, but that may be going a little bit too far. Anyone up for a seance? Or how about a sacrifice? Or maybe a field trip to the maternity wards at all the local hospitals to warn the parents that their child may be the son of satan?
Happy 666 everyone!!!