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Someone Beat Me Up Please

Every time I get a song stuck in my head now, I try to think of another song to wipe it clean.  The song I used was the badger song.  But now I use another song….. ‘The Kill’ by 30 Seconds to Mars.  I hate it that I like this song.  It’s against everything I stand for, but it’s so damn epic with the huge chorus which is most of the song, since that is the new formula for a hit on MTV2 and 101X.  Thank goodness I don’t like their other songs, otherwise I might try to seek some kind of rock counseling.  I hate Jordan Catalano.  He is on my kick in the nuts list…maybe even top 5.

I hate Henry Rollins

The other night I went to Music Monday at Alamo Drafthouse Downtown and saw Ghost on the Highway: A Portrait of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club by Kurt Voss. It was a great documentary. I personally had never really been aware of The Gun Club and the film, due to legal issues, did not have any of their music in the film at all. The interviews were hillarious, especially the ex members of the band. The college kid got pretty annoying. But the main reason why I blog about this, is that this film also interviewed Henry Rollins and furthermore this film further instilled the fact that I can’t stand Henry Rollins. His pretentious attitude and because he was punk and in Black Flag, that means he’s a god. God I can’t stand him. His stand up comedy wasn’t funny. I don’t really care for his spoken word, I think it’s boring. His talk show on IFC is good except for him being in it. If he weren’t so arrogant about his fame I don’t think I would have such a problem, but the fact that he is, but plays it off that he doesn’t care about all that is really annoying. Ok, I think that’s all. The film was good though. And as I listen to The Gun Club now, it’s good. It reminds me of some of the Texas rock/punk that was going on in the mid/late 80′s (Loco Gringos, Last Rights). Check it out.

Monopoly Credit Cards

This is rediculous. Monopoly will be replacing the cash with credit cards and a credit card reading device, though you will still be able to download printable PDFs of the cash. Lame. Part of the fun of the game is gloating about how much cash you have. Remember having the stacks of $500s barely tucked under the board. So what? Now you just hold up your credit card and say “Look at my card!” Lame. The full story at TechDirt. Is there a petition I can sign somewhere?

more fights

Last Friday I almost got into another fight but this time it was because I was breaking up a fight between one of my boys and some jackass who was acting like….a jackass. The guy must have been drunk because when I stepped inbetween them to break them apart he thought that it was me that hit him in his eye, that was now bleeding. I didn’t know this at the time and was confused on why the guy was yelling at me for hitting him. When I started moving toward him to straighten it out my other boys held me back. The guy got pissed and stormed out of the club pissed off. I found my friend who was in the fight and realized that we looked almost identical with our glasses and black shirts and short hair. It was funny and we laughed it off and had a great time. I swear I’m not as violent as it seems. It was just one of those weeks.


Sickness has overcome me. For the last week I have been battling a scratchy throat and an itchy nose. This week it is a nose that can’t decide if it’s stopped up or running and eyes that just won’t stop watering. I blame all of this on stress and lack of sleep caused by stress. One to two hours of sleep each night last week wasn’t cutting it. I still have not missed any work though, which is probably why I’m still sick. It’s dragging me down but I’m still up…..for now.

Do we have a problem?

So I’m thinking of getting rid of my 3 strikes your out rule.
First one I let go, maybe it was an accident. Second time, hey, chill out. Third time, “do we have a problem?” discussion and then pummle time.

I got into another altercation this evening after some drunk douche pushed my friend on the dance floor. I didn’t see the first time and she (my friend) was drunk so I let it go thinking maybe she was mistaken, whatever.
Then I saw him push her deliberatly for no reason. So rule number two quickly became rule number three and I tried to convince him that if we had a problem then it would be bad. Eventually he appoligized but he still didn’t think he did it and after he realized I was serious he first blamed it on him being gay, whatever that means, and then he blamed it on being drunk. But I gave him the last warning and said if it happens again then we definently do have a problem. We turned around and when I looked back he was gone. Thinking back now, I think I should have just pummled him when I saw him push her.
I need to rethink some of my rules and be a little more less forgiving. And I already feel sorry for the guy that gets whatever I unleash. Three years of pent up rage should come out pretty good. Two or three close calls of seeing that but no big top.

On another note I’ve been thinking on the topic of revenge this past week or two. How long until you give up on karma? Most of my friends know that they do not want to be on my bad side because I am very patient and passionate about serious wrong doings to myself or my friends. I believe that I have come to the conclusion that physical revenge really does no good and some people still won’t get it even after a good beating. So that leaves plenty of other options.