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Austin Aztex

Austin AztexIt looks like Austin is going to have a new professional soccer team….again.  With the horrible and disappointing last year with the people running the Austin Lightning, that team pretty much dissolved and disappeared.  I am happy and yet still concerned about the future professional soccer in Austin.  At least now, we’ve got some British blood owning and running the new Austin Aztex team.  The team isn’t put together yet as try outs haven’t even happened yet, so it’s still very early.  Hopefully with owner, Phil Rawlins, and his experience he’ll be able to turn Austin pro soccer upside down and get it shaking.  I really want a home team to root for, though I just realized the team initials is AA.  I’m not really down with that.

Bun Run 5k

Bun RunSunday started about 6:15am and at the starting gates at 7:50am for the 25th Annual Bun Run. This is the first running event I have ever done. I’m no stranger to group events as I have ridden my bicycle in the MS150 (182 miles) bike ride from Houston to Austin five or six times. 5k is about 3.1 miles. The run wasn’t too bad and Melissa and I were able to finish in about 33 minutes. (We are fabulous soccer players and run quite a bit on the field. I’m not sure if you knew that.) So now I should keep running and maybe train for a 10k. Right? Well, we’ll see. Personally, I find running boring. I’d rather be running while dribbling a soccer ball through a line of defense and shooting a game winning goal. But now that I have my nifty iPod shuffle mini, I should be able to tolerate the boredom of running a little more now. Maybe if I have a new goal of 10k it will motivate me to run more than I already do. All in all, it was a good time and a beautiful day for it and I’d gladly do it again.

SXSW Preliminary Band List

Okay, so SXSW as now released the official preliminary band list for 2007.

Mates of State seem to be missing from this list, but Mastodon and the Daughters are still on there. Thurston Moore, Bloc Party, Don Caballero, The Stooges, The Human Abstract, Youth Brigade, Los Straitjackets, and about 1300 more bands.

And Interactive is going to kick ass this year. ScreenBurn Fest should be a kickass addition. DJ V.I.N.Cent and I (DJ INVIDKLLR) will be spinning a party on March 10 at a SXSW party. More info later on who will be able to attend and all the other details.

SXSW music listing

Austinist has a band list of 2007 SXSW acts so far.

I’m looking forward to Daughters, Mastodon, Mates of State, and maybe a few others.

Ice Storm 2007

ICEHooligans fall season is over but the new season has already begun and we’re in the correct division this time, so come out to the games with everyone and cheer on the mighty Hooligans!
I survived ICE STORM 2007. Whew, it was a rough 2 days. Not really…It was quite lame. The problem is that no one can drive here, so the city has to shut down. Whatever. I did some photodocumentation that I have put on Flickr.
Before the storm, it was a full weekend. Hooligans banquet, kung fu with the kid, movie, Matt’s “I came back from Iraq alive and unharmed” yearly get together for beers, the amazing Newcastle vs. Tottenham game, Goth (the board game) with friends, Burning Crusade released, and then finally back to work.
Last night I hung out with some friends and after reviewing the pictures today, I once again remind myself, like I do quite often, that I have the greatest friends in the world.

video of Ice Storm 2007 vs. Invidkllr:

What have I been doing?

flyerA lot has been going on lately.

I lost my job and two weeks later found a lot better one that I am enjoying now. Thanks to everyone who helped out with contacts and leads.

Coby’s team, the Green Aliens, finished their season with 4-2 record resulting in placing 2nd place for their division.

Red River Dead Livers softball team ended their season with a 0-6 record.

I’ve also joined an indoor soccer team, Hooligans F.C., which is also on a losing streak but we are in a division higher than we should be. But the challenge is good for the team. Come out to the games, we have the largest supporter turnout out of all the other teams. OI! OI! HOOLIGANS!!

Kenny and I debuted our DJ skills as DJ INVIDKLLR and DJ V.I.N.CENT at Red 7 last Tuesday night, which was titled “Red Dawn @ Red 7″. It was a successful start as we had friends and strangers dancing on the dance floor and having a good time. Our catelog of music as increased since then and we’ll keep you updated on the next time we’ll be doing it.

That’s about it for now. I know there has been a lot of gaming news going on that I’d like to post my 2 cents about, but I’ll leave that for another post.

What a Weekend!

What a weekend!  One of my best friends, Mytch, came down for the weekend accompanied by his friend, Kate, from North Carolina.  It was truly a fun weekend.  Lots of Veggie Heaven and a trip to Alamo Downtown to see Mr.SinusSnakes on a Plane.  It was a good dinner and a good show.  I think the best part of it was just being around the best friends I’ve ever had and have had for so long, Mytch, Shawn, Kenny.  Mytch and I have known of each other since I was in about 4th grade and we became friends when I was in 7th grade.  We skated countless skate sessions together over the past 20 years and on Saturday we hit the Mable Davis Skatepark and had one more little session while the betties watched on.  Mytch is probably my favorite person to skate with.  When I skate, I make silly noises and make jokes, at myself and others, and it’s definently more fun when Mytch is there.
We also saw The Grudge 2.  And now when I over stuff myself with food I will say I’ve got the Gurge.  Yes, the Gurge.  There were some scary parts in the movie but overall, I was a little bored.  The acting was horrible as was the script, so I guess the actors really didn’t have much to work with.
Hanging out with Lauren was cool, because we used to hang in high school and we’ve run into each other downtown several times but never get a chance to sit down and really talk.  That was good.
In sports news, the Green Aliens defeated the Red something or others with a shut out score of 5-0 on the Dittmar soccer fields.  Coby with one assist and a near goal maintained defensive superiority by collecting the popouts when the clog of shin kicking players fought for the ball in their little huddle.  It was the best performance of this young athelete ever.  I see a promising future this one.

Well that’s really all for now.  I do think something is happening on Friday but I can’t quite recall.

I hate Henry Rollins

The other night I went to Music Monday at Alamo Drafthouse Downtown and saw Ghost on the Highway: A Portrait of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club by Kurt Voss. It was a great documentary. I personally had never really been aware of The Gun Club and the film, due to legal issues, did not have any of their music in the film at all. The interviews were hillarious, especially the ex members of the band. The college kid got pretty annoying. But the main reason why I blog about this, is that this film also interviewed Henry Rollins and furthermore this film further instilled the fact that I can’t stand Henry Rollins. His pretentious attitude and because he was punk and in Black Flag, that means he’s a god. God I can’t stand him. His stand up comedy wasn’t funny. I don’t really care for his spoken word, I think it’s boring. His talk show on IFC is good except for him being in it. If he weren’t so arrogant about his fame I don’t think I would have such a problem, but the fact that he is, but plays it off that he doesn’t care about all that is really annoying. Ok, I think that’s all. The film was good though. And as I listen to The Gun Club now, it’s good. It reminds me of some of the Texas rock/punk that was going on in the mid/late 80′s (Loco Gringos, Last Rights). Check it out.


SXSW07Is it too early to be getting excited about SXSW07? People from out of town are already posting messages about trying to find a place to stay. Even Mr. Hollywood himself, Mytch, is planning on coming down. I’m excited….already. ScreenBurn Beta Fest should be better this year. A keynote by Dan Rather could be interesting. Oh and then there’s all the music stuff too, oh and the film stuff as well. Countdown is on and I’m ready!

Reverend Chadwick

Some of you… most of you know that I became an ordained minister back in April. This past Saturday Reverend Chadwick performed his first wedding. I think I was probably more nervous than the couple I was marrying. What was funny was that when it was done and everyone was cheering for the couple, I heard a cheer for me, “Way to go Chad!”. So thanks for that.

So anyone looking to get married just let me know. I have several packages available to choose from!

drunk reverend
hungover reverend
narcoleptic reverend
bitter divorced trying to talk you out of it during the ceremony reverend
gotta pee reverend
continuous cell phone call reverend
highly emotional reverend
“Haven’t i seen you up here before?” reverend
stuttering reverend
Texas shotgun wedding ceremony – instead of “I do’s” it’s “YOU BETTER”
Princess Bride ceremony – “Mawage. Mawage is what bwings us togethaw.”
Goth ceremony
Punk rock ceremony

If you have other ideas for your wedding ceremony or a type of reverend you would like perform your ceremony, just let me know!