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Ghost Prom debut

Last July I started this comedy improv journey and now I find myself performing with my first comedy improv troupe, Ghost Prom. We’ll be headlining the Block Party open mic show at The New Movement Theater tonight at 9:30.

April Shows To See Invidkllr Perform

I will be doing several improv shows this month at The New Movement Theater on 1819 Rosewood Ave on the East Side.
WED 7th: The Megaphone Show (FREE @ 9:30)
FRI 9th: The Main Event (@9:30 $5)
WED 14th: The Megaphone Show (FREE @9:30)
SUN 18th: Awesome Freestyle Rap Tournament @ The Highball (TNM hosting!)
WED 21st: The Megaphone Show (FREE @ 9:30)
SUN 23rd: The Main Event (@9:30 $5)
SAT 24th: Main Stage: Megaphone Public Access (hosting)

Come out and laugh at me and all the amazing people I work with.

2010 The Year of Change and Progress.

2010 is already beginning to be a decade of new beginnings and changes. That’s sounds like something Obama might say. In December I became single and dating life has already been interesting enough to keep me from doing it for a while. I do have a new show starting January 15th at the New Movement Theater. It’s a talkshow, podcast, video webcast, live studio audience show in the stylings of the old cable access shows that I used to love. I’m really excited about it and the first show will have guests John Kinsey and Wicked Celtics.
I also found out the other day that I will be moving in the next month or two. So long to The Bitter Pad house. I’m going to miss the hot tub the most. I hope to find a place more central or south for work and personal reasons.
Over the holidays I took a break from standup to concentrate on writing and the improv classes I’m taking. I’m now getting back into gear in standup and will be doing open mic tonight at Kick Butt Coffee on Airport. The last time I went up was at Cap City Comedy in November.
I also picked up a new HD pocket cam, so I’m trying to do some more youtube videos.
2010 the year of changes.

Off Night On TONIGHT!

Tonight I will be doing a little story telling at Off Night On at Mohawk.  Doors at 9.

“Comedians abandon their regular routines and tell stories based on a given theme. Past shows have been “The worst thing I have ever done” and “On the job.” Always free!  This month’s theme is “Broked” – stories about getting dumped, being dumped or being piss-poor. We imagine extra hearty hand claps will be dispersed to those who combine all three.” – The New Movement Theater

Doing Something New

Summer is here in full swing and it is hot as hell.  Unfortunately, the LeMons race is not going to happen for us this October.  Our chief mechanic’s wife had a baby and he has his hands full with other tools, like bottles, wipes, and those nose air bulb things.  Congratulations to him and his family with their new addition, Ian.

In other news:
I have started taking improv and standup classes at The New Movement Theater in east Austin.  I’ve always wanted to do standup since I was a little kid and thought that standup was what I was going to do when I grew up.  Dan French is teaching the standup class and so far I am finding out that writing good jokes is very HARD.  The improv class is different to me and something that I’ve enjoyed watching and the ideas behind it, but never really considered doing it.  I’m not a theater person and I hate memorizing lines, but I do enjoy the stage.  This seemed like a good thing to try.  I’m trying to open my mind to new things to keep life interesting.  So far I am having a lot of fun with it.  The gang at The New Movement Theater are awesome, available and very helpful.  If you at all ever had an interest in trying out improv or standup, check it out.

Beware, I may start hitting some open mic nights at various establishments around town.  Stay tuned.

Street Fighter II Tournament @ Red7

Street Fighter II Tournament

Red Dawn Returns to Red7

We returns to DJ at Red7 on Feb 10th, Tuesday.
Red Dawn Returns

Happy New Years!!!

Last post of 2008.  It’s been a crazy quick year.  It’s had it’s ups and downs, but I would say more ups for me personally.  Good things have happened to me and my friends.  So tonight we celebrate with a party at The Bitter Pad.  I will be live streaming on Stickam.  Lights will be lit, fog will be misty, beer will be cold.  It should be a good time.  Have a great and safe night.

email me if I know you and you need a link to the flyer.

Marathon Madness

Yes, I have been neglecting this blog, but not too much has happened in the fields that I usually write about.  Rock Band 2 was released and I purchased that on the release date.  It has been very fun.  The actual “game” portion of the game is a lot more fun with friends as a full band.  In RB1 I played through the game just to open songs, but in RB2 we’re playing as a band and in specific events that we make “band” decisions on.  Good times!  And the drum silencers on the RB1 drums have been GREAT!

I haven’t had too much time for much else due to my rigorous marathon run training schedule.  I’m signed up with Rogue Running and I’m up to 12 mile long runs as of last Saturday and running about 12-13  miles during the week.  I have decided to run in 6 races all together of the next 5 months which is a part of a series called the Austin Distance Challenge.  For more information on this part of my life and how my training is going you can hit up my other blog, which is where I’ve been, at, I really need to get a better header image for it.)

Scoot Scoot Scoot

These gas prices are getting insane.  $60 to fill up for my car is just out of control.  I feel sorry for people in California and I always have, but I feel sorry for me here in Austin, TX.  I don’t think anything is going to happen to get the gas prices lower.  I just don’t see it happening.  I will have my car paid off in December of this year, about 6 months away.  I’ve been contemplating buying a nice new motorcycle but I’m not sure my Keinbock Diseased wrist can take the strain a sport bike would give me, and I know I can blow through a 5 gallon tank of gas on a sport bike in one night, I’ve gone it many times years ago.  I need something inexpensive for my daily work commute, which is in town and basically from North Lamar and Braker to downtown.  It’s an easy straight shot.  Is a scooter the best solution for me, other than the bus?  I’ve never owned one, but some of them look pretty cool.  Keneda and his bike from the anime Akira comes to mind with some of the latest scooter designs that are hitting the streets.  I’ve been doing a little research and I might actually hit  some scooter shops to take a look at what they feel like and see what happens.  It’s Austin and scooters are being seen more and more and more everyday.  Is it finally here that people are realizing they don’t need their big cars anymore or that they just can’t afford to drive them everyday?  I picture in my head traffic jams of scooters in Austin like they have in the busy cities of china.  I’m sure if I end up getting one I’ll be posting all about it.