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Swervedriver at Emo’s

This was a great show.  Opening act, Ringo Deathstarr was really good.  I really enjoyed their shoe gazey and often ‘good 80′s music’ sounds.  One song reminded me a little of Echo and the Bunnymen, which is awesome.  Terra Diablo played….then…. Swervedriver.  The performance was great and everything seemed right on.  The whole show was like a time travel trip back to 1995.  Seeing friends that we only see out when our obscure favorites bands come to town.  Reminded me of those great Sunday punk rock soccer games at Austin High.  All the kids we used to play with are now musicians, record labels owners, or other associated type jobs.  And of course those of us that sold out our 9-5 weekdays for a paycheck to support a family, but as long as we still rock and make it to shows, we stay true… in my opinion.
Wow, that was a silly little ramble.

All in all it was a great show and if you are able to catch Swervedriver on their tour, definently hit it.

Way After SXSW

It’s been a while…
SXSW went along swimmingly.  The 16Bit party was a blast though there were some technical difficulties that were outside of our control.  Web Awards went off without a hitch with a special appearance from Ask a Ninja.  Chris Gore from G4′s Attack of the Show was interviewing in the party foyer.  The night continued on for me with dancing and drinking.  I was able to make it to a few panels though.
Then the music started.  I’ll just list some of the music I was able to catch.
The Wedding Present
Dizzee Rascal
Retribution Gospel Choir
Mark Kozelek
Between the Buried and Me
Tim Fite
Roger Merit and the Disasters
and some others I don’t remember right now.

Overall SXSW was a lot of fun as usual.  Again, I needed about a week to recover.  I wasn’t quite as creatively charged as I have been after a week of geekiness and music, but the whole experience isn’t something that I would want to miss.

Keep Rollin Rollin Rollin

CROM at ZilkerThat’s a ridiculous title for a blog.

Marathon update: Things are moving along swimmingly….or runningly. I haven’t missed a run yet. I’m on 2 miles 3 times a week and I was only a bit sore after the first two runs. I want to do more, but coach says “GOOOOO EEEEZZZZZ”. So that’s what I do.

CROM update: He’s 12 lbs now and he has lost is puppy legs and is starting to look like a real grown up dog though he’s only about 5 months old now. I’ve been taking CROM to the Auditorium Shores dog park at Town Lake and he’s been making new friends out there. Puppy classes are going really well and he has learned to sit, lay, stay, watch, and he’s having less and less accidents in the house. He had his first road trip to Hillsboro, TX with Coby and I and did very well.

SXSW is getting nearer and there have been a few tech happy hours I’ve been attending to meet new people in the business and to stay connected with the Austin tech community.

With the three day weekend approaching my weekend is filled with Master Pancake Theater at the Alamo Drafthouse and The John Hughes Overdrive.

edit:  oh and happy VD.  There was a time when I spent a good part of this day writing a poem or a song… all for nothing.  wah wah.  “Bitches man.” – Say Anything 

Marathon Madness

Yesterday I decided I would attempt to train and run a marathon one year from now.  The Austin Marathon for 2008 is coming up in two weeks.  I plan to run in the Austin Marathon 2009.  I think a year and a goal can help me accomplish this.  I’ve never been a great long distance runner and I get very bored when running.  About two years ago I was running about 5 miles around Town Lake every other day.  I haven’t done that since but I have been playing soccer consistently for the past year and a year ago I was throwing in some running here and there.  The MS150, 182 mile bike ride is something that I’ve done about 3 or 4 times with and without training.  I believe this is an attainable goal and with that goal it may force me to start running more and get in better shape for my health and to test myself.  Changing my eating habits is something that I’ve really been trying to do but this may force me to change my diet even more.  Another issue I might have a problem with is drinking.  Yes, I drink beer, whiskey, and vodka at least once or twice a week and sometimes more.  Cutting down on the alcohol intake will be good for me though.  I’ve got Kirk to go to for training questions and help and he knows more about this than anyone I know.  In six months I may join a marathon training course/group, but I still need to just work up that.  So please laugh at me and then encourage me.  This is something I want to do and possibly something I need to do.  If you have any helpful advice, I’ll take that as well.  I’ve joined up on the RunTex site as Invidkllr, of course.  I’ll be adding a new category to label my run blogs with as well.

One year.  One Marathon.  One Fatass.

Austin Aztex

Austin AztexIt looks like Austin is going to have a new professional soccer team….again.  With the horrible and disappointing last year with the people running the Austin Lightning, that team pretty much dissolved and disappeared.  I am happy and yet still concerned about the future professional soccer in Austin.  At least now, we’ve got some British blood owning and running the new Austin Aztex team.  The team isn’t put together yet as try outs haven’t even happened yet, so it’s still very early.  Hopefully with owner, Phil Rawlins, and his experience he’ll be able to turn Austin pro soccer upside down and get it shaking.  I really want a home team to root for, though I just realized the team initials is AA.  I’m not really down with that.

Text Message Break Ups

So what’s up with the new trend of text message break ups? I say new. The first one I had heard about was 2 years ago while I was at ACL Fest and of course I heard about it via text message. Recently another friend of mine received a text message break. Each story is it’s own and are different situations but seriously, breaking up over text message? Lame. What kind of a sorry ass weak pathetic scared weak loser breaks a girls/guys heart over text message. Over the phone is bad enough. Instant Message is bad too. Don’t be a lame-o and do it in person. If it’s it’s long distance then phone is acceptable but webcam would be better. Like how I put the technology twist in there? Pretty soon there’s going to be a “text message break up” therapy group listed in the Austin Chronicle.
Text Message Break Up Video
And why doesn’t the iPhone have a camera? Really? Come on!

edit:  I finally played with an iPhone, it does have a camera and I really want one.

SXSW 08 Interactive tagline suggestions

My friend over at SXSW asked me if I had any suggestions for a SXSW Interactive tagline. I had a few….

SXSW Interactive:……

We Know Acronyms
Geeks Vs. The World
We Make Everything Work
Making Ideas Realities
I Should Have Gotten Into Marketing
Being a Geek Was Never So Hot
Geeks = Gods
Where Geeks Unite
Ask a geek, they know everything
Playground for Code Monkeys
Where Geeks Get Some
Where Ports Are Terminated
Where Geeks Get It On
Please Pet The Geeks
Enemies Of The Sun
Music and Film Needs Geeks Like Us
Blowing Bubbles Throughout History
Syntax and Circuits
Syntax Error: Yeah, you remember that..
Hack It Till It Works
Live To Code, Code To Live
We See Everything First
We’re Two Years Ahead Of You
E3 Is Dead
Internet, Games, and Apps, What Else Is There?
The Reason To Get Work To Send You To Austin For a Week Off

Bun Run 5k

Bun RunSunday started about 6:15am and at the starting gates at 7:50am for the 25th Annual Bun Run. This is the first running event I have ever done. I’m no stranger to group events as I have ridden my bicycle in the MS150 (182 miles) bike ride from Houston to Austin five or six times. 5k is about 3.1 miles. The run wasn’t too bad and Melissa and I were able to finish in about 33 minutes. (We are fabulous soccer players and run quite a bit on the field. I’m not sure if you knew that.) So now I should keep running and maybe train for a 10k. Right? Well, we’ll see. Personally, I find running boring. I’d rather be running while dribbling a soccer ball through a line of defense and shooting a game winning goal. But now that I have my nifty iPod shuffle mini, I should be able to tolerate the boredom of running a little more now. Maybe if I have a new goal of 10k it will motivate me to run more than I already do. All in all, it was a good time and a beautiful day for it and I’d gladly do it again.

Spicy Soy Bean Tofu

I love Veggie Heaven‘s #26 Spicy Soy Bean Tofu so much, I put a seatbelt on it.

SXSW Review

The Polyphonic SpreeIt was a long, long week. SXSW is finally over. I am mostly recooperated. I have uploaded some of my pictures to my Flickr site, so check those out and leave notes and comments, because they are fun.

The 8 Bit party that Kenny and I spun was a good time. I don’t know how many hundreds of people were there, but I do know that the stage was about to come down from all the dancin that was going on. Some old school stand up arcades were brought in for the event: Frogger, Astroids, Moon Patrol, Pac-Man, Galaga. Oh the memories.

The web awards were awesome. Ze Frank was a great host for this event. Ibid Ellipse (Mark Jordan) spun the tunes at the pre awards party. Good food and plenty of drink tickets.

panelIt was fun seeing Joi Ito and Justin Hall bickering at each other during their panel. It was fun bickering, not mean bickering. (podcast)

Seeing Will Wright speak about story process in games was pretty interesting. Will Wright is the creator of The Sims and the currently unreleased new game SPORE, which he touched on a bit. SPORE looks a little more cleaned up and refined since the first demo I saw online about a year ago. I also spotted him at the Media Temple party. (podcast)

Bruce Sterling‘s rant was a little more uplifting this year. I almost skipped it this year due to his tears last year. I’m so insensitive. (podcast)

MumblebotThe Dorkbot event was cool. I love robots and there were plenty of them. The robots also showed up later at the Steampunk party along with a futuristic past cast and crew. Many people came out in their costumes and celebrated. Shaking hands with world famous hacker and editor of 2600, Emmanuel Goldstein, was very special to me.

Nuclear Taco night was hell. I swear that I will never eat those again. Although I think I said that last year. Let’s just say I didn’t sleep well and had to get out of bed about 3 times during the night.

We spotted comedian, David Cross, at the Side Bar. I quickly texted Priscilla, who ran from 4th st to the Side Bar to meet him. Best thing to say to him, “I loved you in Halo 2.” Philip also said this to him the next day. I missed my chance to tell him. I also went to a panel with Mr. Cross and he was hillarious even in that type of forum. A very cool guy. I also saw Brian Posehn.

Brian PosehnI caught two films during the week. The Signal – was awesome. Written and directed by 3 directors. The movie was split into 3 parts and each director directed one of the parts. A lot of the cast were at the screening and made for a cool Q and A session.

The other film I saw was Helvetica. The documentary about the famous font was actually very good. All aspects of the font were covered and much was about design and modernism, and the soundtrack was really good as well. I would even buy the soundtrack to the documentary about a font.

On the music side…. By the time the music fest starts for SXSW, I am exhausted from all the parties and panels and walking and waiting and meeting new people and talking and learning. It wasMe no different this year. Some of the music highlights though would be seeing Robyn Hitchcock, Pete Townshend, The Polyphonic Spree, 50 Kaitens, The Buzzcocks, Meat Puppets, Turbonegro, Thurston Moore, and Public Enemy (even though PE was kinda lame, something about doing Fight The Power to a field full of white people with their families.)

I’m actually glad to be back at work, where I can sit down and get things back to what seems normal to me.

Once again SXSW has inspired me to get some things done artisticly. I’ve put off a few projects for far too long.

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