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Ninja Assassin – Movie Review

Indiana Jones and the Last Piece of Crap

Oh man…. That was bad.  I had such high hopes.  After watching that movie at the Alamo Ritz, I was speachless at how bad it was.  I thought the whole intro to the movie was fake.  The script was horrible, the acting bad, and worse of all the film treats you like you’re an idiot.  Another thing about the X-Files I don’t like….wait….what?  Don’t get me started.  Save your money my friends.  Wait for the Divx version, or park on the hill above the drive in, just don’t spend any money on this live action cartoon.   “They look like big, strong hands…” – Rock Biter

 I have to say I’m am totally with Patton Oswalt’s time machine idea.

Iron Man

Pepper PottsI caught this movie opening day last Friday at Alamo Drafthouse South and very glad I did (I love my Moonstruck pizza).  Robert Downey Jr. did a badass job of portraying Tony Stark / Iron Man.  Jeff Bridges was also really good in it and I like Gwyneth Paltrow as a red head, hubba hubba.  This was Marvel’s first movie away from the Sony giant and they proved themselves worthy to be on their own.  The spiderman series was a little big too campy for me and just didn’t quite seem as real as I’d like in a movie that you want to believe is a real world.  Iron Man seemed more real and less comic bookish though retained all the aspects of the comic.  The two hour length flew by and I haven’t heard anyone I’ve talked to not like it.  It was fun, funny, and adventurous…..and the toys…oh the toys.  I need to start saving for my own A.I. voice commanded robotic arm system. Apple, can you help me out? Go see it and have a good time and don’t forget to sit through all of the long credits.  There’s a little Avengers teaser at the very tail end of the credits.

Forbidden Kingdom

Forbidden KingdomWell it finally happened. Jet Li and Jackie Chan in the same movie. I seem to remember Jet Li saying he wasn’t going to do any more period/kung fu films, yet Warlords came at last year and now this. It’s fine by me, I love his kung fu films most of all. This film…excuse me movie, was just that, a Hollywood movie cashing in on the kung fu genre with the two superstar legends that are still alive. The fight scenes were great, especially the Jet and Jackie fight. Choreographer did an excellent job of equaling the two giants. For every blow there was a counter blow. A very even match, though I have my own opinions on who would win a real fight….even though he is older ;). And props to whoever wrote in Jet Li throwing a little Mantis Style in there. I wanted to Buddha Palm slap the horrible Boston kid character. He was just annoying and cheesy. Towards the end and he’s leaning down towards one of the other characters, just look at the drip of sweat on his upper lip. It just dangles there for an eternity and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it, just waiting for it to drip off. Other than his acting, that totally ruined the scene. It was a fun movie and I’d take my kid to see it. The PG13 is for the violence though it really wasn’t too bad considering it’s a kung fu movie.

Invidkllr’s LA Tour 2007

F U Tom CruiseI said I was going to blog everyday when on my trip to LA, but alas wireless was not as easy to come by as I thought it would be and I was busy being all LA.

Saturday Nov 10th: I left Austin in the afternoon and experience yet another airline line up method which doesn’t seem to change anything. Landing in Pheonix for a 1 hr layover, on the way down I witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets I think I’ve ever seen. A wonderful blend of yellow to orange to blue to purple….as far as I could tell. I’m colorblind man!
I continued to LA, rented my car, and drove the less than 3 miles from the airport in Burbank to Mytch’s place in North Hollywood. That night with not too much planned we went to a bar called Cock and Bull to watch very Austin like county band that Mytch had seen before. There was much dancing by Mytch. Not my style of dancing, yet. The first bartendar in LA that I met was an a-hole. I won’t go futher on that.

Sunday: We awoke and were met by Mytch’s girlfriend, Michelle, who brought pastries. They treated me to an “LA Morning”. We went for coffee/tea and sat outside on the sidewalk cafe. We then walk a few doors down to get mani’s and pedi’s. I even went the extra step and got my nails painted. Black of course. Did you have to ask that?
We then packed up and headed to San Diego for the night and next day. When we arrived in San Diego it was drizzy weather, but we ate some good Thai food and ended with a nightcap at a very cool Irish pub, complete with an Irish folk group playing.

Monday: The next day we headed to Little Italy for breakfast and then Mytch and I hit the Washington Bridge DIY Skatepark. BIG WALLS, but very fun. Then we met back up with Michelle and went to Old Town for tortillas and a beautiful day out walking around. We ended with a very Austin like mexican food place with some great skate art. A quick stop at the gellato place and then we were on our way back to LA to watch Heroes and go to bed.

VeniceTuesday: I woke up pretty early and headed down to Venice Beach by myself. Mytch worked most of the week, though he got very ill this day and was out of commission for the next few days. Venice Beach was awesome. I really liked that area. I walked up and down along the boardwalk. I saw the remains of the old Venice structures that I used to skate in Tony Hawk Pro Skater and watched in so many movies and videos. I skated up to the Santa Monica Peir and skated back. Lots of pictures were taken. I watched some basketballs games on the “White Men Can’t Jump” courts and ate a slice of pizza with a homeless girl. On the way home, I understood LA traffic.
I believe this was the night that Michelle and I went out for In and Out burgers. Upon arriving back home, I remembered that it was Porn Star Karaoke Night at Sardo’s which was only about 3 blocks from Mytch’s place. I arrived a little bit early, but just in time to get a good spot. It was Cleopatra ‘Queen of the Nile’s birthday and she passed around goody bags with some swag included. Ron Jeremy was there as well as the Fabio looking guy from Skinemax softcore porn movies that usually have to do with cavemen or aliens. I was cracking myself up. Drinks were expensive everywhere in LA and I spent the most here. At the bar one of the ‘porn stars’ introduced herself to me as Jenny. I didn’t catch what her last name was and I didn’t seem interested. I wasn’t. I just think it’s funny. It was a fun night of singing. Austin can sing so much better than LA at the Karaoke.

Wednesday: This was my Hollywood BLVD day. I did the touristy things on the strip. The Chinese theater, Hollywood Wax Museum, Guinness Museum, Hollywood Mall, and walked up and down browsing all the shops. Great place to go to find some new kicks. I was so wiped out, that I got some food at an Italian place and headed home for an early night of sleep.

Thursday: Drove down the street to Univeral City and go my ‘First in Line’ pass for Universal Studios Theme Park. I took the tour and saw all the sites which are pictured on my Flickr page. The Mummy ride was probably the best out of the two or 3 rides they had. Surprisingly the Waterworld show was really good. I ended that night with an $8.50 Miller Light at one of the bars on City Walk. Yeah. Time to go home. I went back to Mytch’s and watched NBC Thursday line up.

Friday: I slept in a little bit and then met Mytch at Universal for lunch and he took me on a short walk through the sound lot. Later I drove down to Beverly Hills to do some shopping at the Beverly Center. I left my nice shirt on my bed at home. Later we got all done up and had dinner at Vitello’s with some other of Mytch and Michelle’s friends. Vitello’s was the place they ate at before she died. Across the street we had gellato at The Gellato Place where we ran into Captain James T Kirk himself, William Shatner. I made eye contact but didn’t say anything. I’m not a huge star nerd. After that, almost everyone went home except Mytch, myself, and one of his friends and we went to a bar called Bigfoot for some 80′s punk, wave, and rock. Again with the expensive drinks, but we had a good time and got a few snapshots out of it.

Saturday: Mytch and I headed to Glendale to hit the public skatepark which doesn’t open for geezers until noon on Saturdays so we got some lunch at this cool retro dinner that has probably been a dinner for about 60 years. We made a quick stop by Glenn Danzig’s house to take a few pictures. Then we hit the skatepark. Fun snake runs! We returned just in time for me to pack my stuff, say my goodbyes, return my car, and jump on a plane back to Austin. On the way back I saw another beautiful sunset on the landing in Pheonix. The girl next to me woke me up to show me. And it was just as beautiful as the first one I saw. That wrapped up the trip just right.
Philip picked me up at the airport and we headed downtown for some good ol Austin beers and bars. It was two for one as far as I was concerned. It was so good to be back in town with all my friends and hitting all my spots and running into everyone.

LA was fun, about 7 days fun. That was just the right amount of time there. It was great seeing, hanging out with, and skating with Mytch and meeting his lovely girlfriend. They gave me a real genuine LA experience.

Some things I learned:
1. Don’t ask for Fireman’s 4. They “don’t know what the f#$% that is.”
2. Don’t go for the 2 for 1 shots. They’re put in thimbles.
3. Porn stars can scream put they can’t sing. Except for that one guy, he was funny.
4. Only 3 people are actually from LA, everyone else if from somewhere else.
5. I love Austin more than I already knew and it’s just right for me

SXSW Review

The Polyphonic SpreeIt was a long, long week. SXSW is finally over. I am mostly recooperated. I have uploaded some of my pictures to my Flickr site, so check those out and leave notes and comments, because they are fun.

The 8 Bit party that Kenny and I spun was a good time. I don’t know how many hundreds of people were there, but I do know that the stage was about to come down from all the dancin that was going on. Some old school stand up arcades were brought in for the event: Frogger, Astroids, Moon Patrol, Pac-Man, Galaga. Oh the memories.

The web awards were awesome. Ze Frank was a great host for this event. Ibid Ellipse (Mark Jordan) spun the tunes at the pre awards party. Good food and plenty of drink tickets.

panelIt was fun seeing Joi Ito and Justin Hall bickering at each other during their panel. It was fun bickering, not mean bickering. (podcast)

Seeing Will Wright speak about story process in games was pretty interesting. Will Wright is the creator of The Sims and the currently unreleased new game SPORE, which he touched on a bit. SPORE looks a little more cleaned up and refined since the first demo I saw online about a year ago. I also spotted him at the Media Temple party. (podcast)

Bruce Sterling‘s rant was a little more uplifting this year. I almost skipped it this year due to his tears last year. I’m so insensitive. (podcast)

MumblebotThe Dorkbot event was cool. I love robots and there were plenty of them. The robots also showed up later at the Steampunk party along with a futuristic past cast and crew. Many people came out in their costumes and celebrated. Shaking hands with world famous hacker and editor of 2600, Emmanuel Goldstein, was very special to me.

Nuclear Taco night was hell. I swear that I will never eat those again. Although I think I said that last year. Let’s just say I didn’t sleep well and had to get out of bed about 3 times during the night.

We spotted comedian, David Cross, at the Side Bar. I quickly texted Priscilla, who ran from 4th st to the Side Bar to meet him. Best thing to say to him, “I loved you in Halo 2.” Philip also said this to him the next day. I missed my chance to tell him. I also went to a panel with Mr. Cross and he was hillarious even in that type of forum. A very cool guy. I also saw Brian Posehn.

Brian PosehnI caught two films during the week. The Signal – was awesome. Written and directed by 3 directors. The movie was split into 3 parts and each director directed one of the parts. A lot of the cast were at the screening and made for a cool Q and A session.

The other film I saw was Helvetica. The documentary about the famous font was actually very good. All aspects of the font were covered and much was about design and modernism, and the soundtrack was really good as well. I would even buy the soundtrack to the documentary about a font.

On the music side…. By the time the music fest starts for SXSW, I am exhausted from all the parties and panels and walking and waiting and meeting new people and talking and learning. It wasMe no different this year. Some of the music highlights though would be seeing Robyn Hitchcock, Pete Townshend, The Polyphonic Spree, 50 Kaitens, The Buzzcocks, Meat Puppets, Turbonegro, Thurston Moore, and Public Enemy (even though PE was kinda lame, something about doing Fight The Power to a field full of white people with their families.)

I’m actually glad to be back at work, where I can sit down and get things back to what seems normal to me.

Once again SXSW has inspired me to get some things done artisticly. I’ve put off a few projects for far too long.

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Feast posterLast night I went over to Dustin’s place and watched the movie, Feast, with Dustin and Philip.  This was a good movie.  It is a horror monster movie that is simple, contains one liners, and pokes fun at itself and the whole genre of these films.  A suprise from the executive producers, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Wes Craven…well not a suprise from Wes Craven.
At this point I would also like to point out that Henry Rollins is in the movie and plays a motivational speak and I know that in a few posts ago I told you how much I can’t stand him, but in this movie he is great.  Why?  What changed my mind?  To me, it seems he’s pretty much playing himself.  So for that role he was perfect.

Back to the review.  It’s got plenty of gore and a lot of the fun is trying to figure out who is going to get mangled and/or eaten next.  If you want to watch a fun horror movie that you can laugh to and jump a little to, check this movie out.

What a Weekend!

What a weekend!  One of my best friends, Mytch, came down for the weekend accompanied by his friend, Kate, from North Carolina.  It was truly a fun weekend.  Lots of Veggie Heaven and a trip to Alamo Downtown to see Mr.SinusSnakes on a Plane.  It was a good dinner and a good show.  I think the best part of it was just being around the best friends I’ve ever had and have had for so long, Mytch, Shawn, Kenny.  Mytch and I have known of each other since I was in about 4th grade and we became friends when I was in 7th grade.  We skated countless skate sessions together over the past 20 years and on Saturday we hit the Mable Davis Skatepark and had one more little session while the betties watched on.  Mytch is probably my favorite person to skate with.  When I skate, I make silly noises and make jokes, at myself and others, and it’s definently more fun when Mytch is there.
We also saw The Grudge 2.  And now when I over stuff myself with food I will say I’ve got the Gurge.  Yes, the Gurge.  There were some scary parts in the movie but overall, I was a little bored.  The acting was horrible as was the script, so I guess the actors really didn’t have much to work with.
Hanging out with Lauren was cool, because we used to hang in high school and we’ve run into each other downtown several times but never get a chance to sit down and really talk.  That was good.
In sports news, the Green Aliens defeated the Red something or others with a shut out score of 5-0 on the Dittmar soccer fields.  Coby with one assist and a near goal maintained defensive superiority by collecting the popouts when the clog of shin kicking players fought for the ball in their little huddle.  It was the best performance of this young athelete ever.  I see a promising future this one.

Well that’s really all for now.  I do think something is happening on Friday but I can’t quite recall.

I hate Henry Rollins

The other night I went to Music Monday at Alamo Drafthouse Downtown and saw Ghost on the Highway: A Portrait of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club by Kurt Voss. It was a great documentary. I personally had never really been aware of The Gun Club and the film, due to legal issues, did not have any of their music in the film at all. The interviews were hillarious, especially the ex members of the band. The college kid got pretty annoying. But the main reason why I blog about this, is that this film also interviewed Henry Rollins and furthermore this film further instilled the fact that I can’t stand Henry Rollins. His pretentious attitude and because he was punk and in Black Flag, that means he’s a god. God I can’t stand him. His stand up comedy wasn’t funny. I don’t really care for his spoken word, I think it’s boring. His talk show on IFC is good except for him being in it. If he weren’t so arrogant about his fame I don’t think I would have such a problem, but the fact that he is, but plays it off that he doesn’t care about all that is really annoying. Ok, I think that’s all. The film was good though. And as I listen to The Gun Club now, it’s good. It reminds me of some of the Texas rock/punk that was going on in the mid/late 80′s (Loco Gringos, Last Rights). Check it out.


SXSW07Is it too early to be getting excited about SXSW07? People from out of town are already posting messages about trying to find a place to stay. Even Mr. Hollywood himself, Mytch, is planning on coming down. I’m excited….already. ScreenBurn Beta Fest should be better this year. A keynote by Dan Rather could be interesting. Oh and then there’s all the music stuff too, oh and the film stuff as well. Countdown is on and I’m ready!