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Marathon Madness

Yes, I have been neglecting this blog, but not too much has happened in the fields that I usually write about.  Rock Band 2 was released and I purchased that on the release date.  It has been very fun.  The actual “game” portion of the game is a lot more fun with friends as a full band.  In RB1 I played through the game just to open songs, but in RB2 we’re playing as a band and in specific events that we make “band” decisions on.  Good times!  And the drum silencers on the RB1 drums have been GREAT!

I haven’t had too much time for much else due to my rigorous marathon run training schedule.  I’m signed up with Rogue Running and I’m up to 12 mile long runs as of last Saturday and running about 12-13  miles during the week.  I have decided to run in 6 races all together of the next 5 months which is a part of a series called the Austin Distance Challenge.  For more information on this part of my life and how my training is going you can hit up my other blog, which is where I’ve been, at, I really need to get a better header image for it.)

Invidkllr is Still Running

Marathon training so going ok… Yeah just ok.  I’ve had a pulled muscle and a week of weird stomach cramps.  I started a marathon blog at to track my progress and thoughts on the whole experience.  Drop by and throw some love there.

I found it kind of comical that a few weeks after I started training, I see trailers for the movie Run Fat Boy Run.  This title was similar to the title of what I was thinking for my blog.  Fat Ass or Fat Guy Runs…  I still haven’t seen that movie.  I think I should just as part of my training.

I haven’t weighed myself in a while but Easter weekend I think I had dropped about 8 or 9 lbs.  I’m curious as to where I’m at now, but I don’t have a scale and I’m just now getting back to eating less bad foods.  I love my buffets.  Fat Carl knows what I’m talking about.   If you haven’t checked out, go there now and throw him some love.

Run Run Run.  That’s what I’m doing.  About 10 months to go will the marathon and to me that still seems too soon.  Throw me some love or some advice.

Keep Rollin Rollin Rollin

CROM at ZilkerThat’s a ridiculous title for a blog.

Marathon update: Things are moving along swimmingly….or runningly. I haven’t missed a run yet. I’m on 2 miles 3 times a week and I was only a bit sore after the first two runs. I want to do more, but coach says “GOOOOO EEEEZZZZZ”. So that’s what I do.

CROM update: He’s 12 lbs now and he has lost is puppy legs and is starting to look like a real grown up dog though he’s only about 5 months old now. I’ve been taking CROM to the Auditorium Shores dog park at Town Lake and he’s been making new friends out there. Puppy classes are going really well and he has learned to sit, lay, stay, watch, and he’s having less and less accidents in the house. He had his first road trip to Hillsboro, TX with Coby and I and did very well.

SXSW is getting nearer and there have been a few tech happy hours I’ve been attending to meet new people in the business and to stay connected with the Austin tech community.

With the three day weekend approaching my weekend is filled with Master Pancake Theater at the Alamo Drafthouse and The John Hughes Overdrive.

edit:  oh and happy VD.  There was a time when I spent a good part of this day writing a poem or a song… all for nothing.  wah wah.  “Bitches man.” – Say Anything 

Marathon Madness

Yesterday I decided I would attempt to train and run a marathon one year from now.  The Austin Marathon for 2008 is coming up in two weeks.  I plan to run in the Austin Marathon 2009.  I think a year and a goal can help me accomplish this.  I’ve never been a great long distance runner and I get very bored when running.  About two years ago I was running about 5 miles around Town Lake every other day.  I haven’t done that since but I have been playing soccer consistently for the past year and a year ago I was throwing in some running here and there.  The MS150, 182 mile bike ride is something that I’ve done about 3 or 4 times with and without training.  I believe this is an attainable goal and with that goal it may force me to start running more and get in better shape for my health and to test myself.  Changing my eating habits is something that I’ve really been trying to do but this may force me to change my diet even more.  Another issue I might have a problem with is drinking.  Yes, I drink beer, whiskey, and vodka at least once or twice a week and sometimes more.  Cutting down on the alcohol intake will be good for me though.  I’ve got Kirk to go to for training questions and help and he knows more about this than anyone I know.  In six months I may join a marathon training course/group, but I still need to just work up that.  So please laugh at me and then encourage me.  This is something I want to do and possibly something I need to do.  If you have any helpful advice, I’ll take that as well.  I’ve joined up on the RunTex site as Invidkllr, of course.  I’ll be adding a new category to label my run blogs with as well.

One year.  One Marathon.  One Fatass.