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Trachternburg Family Slideshow Players

Tonight @ Cactus Cafe 9pm w/Total Foxes

Free WiFi dowtown

Hey Prescilla, remember that one Tuesday when 219 was remodeling and we had no place to go for Tuesday happy hour and I was going to jump on my laptop and check some places but I couldn’t get a good free wireless connection for some reason and we were stuck at Fox and Hound and it was really lame.  That was a sad dark Tuesday that brings tears to my eyes even remembering that.

I mentioned WCIT in a recent previous post and thanks to this event Cisco Systems has donated a $1 million dollar free WiFi network downtown.  Thank you Cisco and WCIT.  I will never be downtown again without the ability to check my Gmail and MySpace and where the nearest and best happy hour deal is.
Unless ATT buys the internet and screws everything up for everyone.  ATT, you do not want to piss Prescilla off.  She will stab you.  Burnie Burns‘ predictions may become true this year.


I heard there was a new domain registered:


Some of you know that I am the IT support person for WCIT2006 this year. So I do technical support for the group of people that are putting this event on this year. Well, next week is the actual event. May 1-5. All the big honchos from Dell, Microsoft, AMD, Intel, world goverment agencies, …everyone is going to be there. So if noone sees me at all next week that’s probably why. Anyone dare me to pat Bill Gates on the butt? Check out the website. All the information about who is speaking and who is attending. If you are going, hit me up, let’s make fun of everyone at the parties. w00t!

not sore anymore

Chad@MS150 2006It’s Thursday and I’m not sore anymore. This past weekend was the MS150 and I still have to meet my pledge goal of $400. I’m very close thanks to the generous donations by my colleagues, friends, family, and my favorite establishment. The ride was hard. I’ve had an easier time in previous years, thanks to the pedicabbing. But this year there was no training and I could tell. Saturday it was hot but were at 22mph for quite a while during the morning. Later in the afternoon the sun started burning me up and it left me dehydrated that night. I wasn’t very hungry but forced myself to eat half my veggie burger and beans and a few buttered noodles, which are usually my favorite part. I didn’t see the movie, Breaking Away, that played in the ampitheater but I listened to the first two acts while I drifted off to sleep in my tent. Sunday I was considering skipping the challenge route throught the Buescher State Park, thinking I could decide 20 or 30 miles down the road, but I had to make that decision at the starting gate this year since they changed the paths. So I decided to tough it out and do the park. It was hard but beautiful and shady because of all the trees. The uphills were extremely steep but the downhills made it worth it. I rolled through the finish line in Austin tired but still enough energy to spray my water bottle across the finish line. Just hit the link in the previous entry to make a donation. There is still time and it’s for a good cause. I had a great time regardless of all the pain and discomfort. I still considered myself lucky to have the ability to do it and that’s what helped me the most this year.


Once again I’m riding in that crazy 185 mile bicycle ride from Houston to Austin for the National MS Society.
Now is your chance to show me how crazy you are with donations! Everything counts!
Remember it’s for a good cause and it’s tax deductible.

Click the link here to donate now!


Online Donations
Giving online is fast, easy and secure. It is a three step process. In this first step, please let us know on whose behalf you are donating. In the second step, you will be prompted for payment information. The third step is a receipt of your donation. You will also receive an email receipt and the rider you list below will receive an email confirmation.

Find out more by watching this Flash video!

73 years

I’m sure all of you already knew that last Friday was the 73rd anniversary of the alcohol prohibition repeal.  A great day that allowed us all the freedom to drink up.  What’s funny is that there was a time in my life when I was for the prohibition.  I was that straight edge.  So I hope everyone toasted to Roosevelt last Friday.  I know I did…. repeatedly.

01:02:03 04-05-06!!!!

Where New York Times columnist David Pogue latched onto this fascinating factoid, there’s no telling. But as randomly useless bits of trivia go, this is definitely worth noting.Pogue writes: Late tonight — specifically, 123 seconds after 1:00 a.m. — the time and date, for the first time in all of humanity, will be 01:02:03 04/05/06.And, Pogue points out, this moment will never come again.

Well, at least not exactly. In Europe, which renders the date before the month, this singular moment will occur next month, at 123 seconds past 1 a.m. on 4 May. And after that, it most definitely will never occur again.

Wherever you are, it might be just the right moment to find an all-night liquor store and buy that lottery ticket that forms the basis of your retirement plan.

How cool is that. It’s all about numbers. Remember making wishes at 11:11? Maybe you still do. Sometimes I still do. But with two chances everyday, it’s just too easy. Of course I love waiting until November 11th at 11:11 to make a good wish, but still that’s once a year. But at 01:02:03 4-5-06, I’m making a real big wish or I’ll just watch every digital watch freak out like Y2K….or not.