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Sickness has overcome me. For the last week I have been battling a scratchy throat and an itchy nose. This week it is a nose that can’t decide if it’s stopped up or running and eyes that just won’t stop watering. I blame all of this on stress and lack of sleep caused by stress. One to two hours of sleep each night last week wasn’t cutting it. I still have not missed any work though, which is probably why I’m still sick. It’s dragging me down but I’m still up…..for now.

“Hack the world”

Techdirt reports that the MPAA hired a hacker to break into TorrentSpy company to retrieve incriminating evidence. The hacker was able to obtain internal emails, financial records and company technology data. The best part of the story is that the hacker felt bad and fessed up to the activities. So now TorrentSpy is sueing the MPAA.

That’s awesome. MPAA taking the law into their own hands and breaking laws to try and prove that others are breaking the law. I admire the hacker a small bit for coming clean even though he sold out and became a criminal instead of a real hacker (real hackers are not criminals).

Do we have a problem?

So I’m thinking of getting rid of my 3 strikes your out rule.
First one I let go, maybe it was an accident. Second time, hey, chill out. Third time, “do we have a problem?” discussion and then pummle time.

I got into another altercation this evening after some drunk douche pushed my friend on the dance floor. I didn’t see the first time and she (my friend) was drunk so I let it go thinking maybe she was mistaken, whatever.
Then I saw him push her deliberatly for no reason. So rule number two quickly became rule number three and I tried to convince him that if we had a problem then it would be bad. Eventually he appoligized but he still didn’t think he did it and after he realized I was serious he first blamed it on him being gay, whatever that means, and then he blamed it on being drunk. But I gave him the last warning and said if it happens again then we definently do have a problem. We turned around and when I looked back he was gone. Thinking back now, I think I should have just pummled him when I saw him push her.
I need to rethink some of my rules and be a little more less forgiving. And I already feel sorry for the guy that gets whatever I unleash. Three years of pent up rage should come out pretty good. Two or three close calls of seeing that but no big top.

On another note I’ve been thinking on the topic of revenge this past week or two. How long until you give up on karma? Most of my friends know that they do not want to be on my bad side because I am very patient and passionate about serious wrong doings to myself or my friends. I believe that I have come to the conclusion that physical revenge really does no good and some people still won’t get it even after a good beating. So that leaves plenty of other options.

Elephants Dream

The first free open source movie was released yesterday. It’s a 3D animation called Elephants Dream that was created with all open source tools. This is big news all over the spectrum from the movie industry to animation to open source developers and users. Do we really need Hollywood anymore? I’m downloading the open movie now. Downloads and torrents are easily available. Things are possible using things that are free and open.

Hail Lake Highlands

I saw this article circulating on MySpace bullitens by some of my old school mates from high school. Some teachers at my alma mater, Lake Highlands High School (Dallas, TX) got a little high after eating some marijuana muffins that were left in the teachers lounge. It’s kind of funny but then again not really. Just glad to see my old high school is still making news. Back then it was drive by shootings at the football team. Worse trouble I ever got into was wearing a Circle Jerks tshirt to school. So everybody sing with me, “Hail Lake Highlands, we salute thee, all through the years….” that’s all I know.

Another media blunder

Last week BBC did a show about the court case involving Apple Computer vs. Apple Corps and they were supposed to be interviewing a “computer expert” and instead they rushed on the cab driver that was supposed to be picking up the guy they were supposed to be interviewing.  You can download the video here.

Lame Media

So the telco thing, ya it was a media “mistake”.  Only ATT complied to the NSA request for call records.  Verizon and BellSouth say they were never approached.

PS3 way too much $$$

More and more I’m leaning towards the XBox360. Best Buy has them for purchase online now. Tempting but I’m still too poor. E3 has brought us the fact that PS3 will be one of the most expensive consoles ever and game developers still don’t have the kits to make the games for it and won’t be able to utilize the hardware’s capabilities at all at launch. has more.

Telcos and Government

I would like to give some props to the telco QWest. Though they are the smallest of the 3 giants that own all of the lines you are reading this post through. That’s right the internets and your phone calls. QWest has declined to hand over or sell call record data of it’s customers to the government. ATT and Verizon complied right away. Why? Big business and government go hand in hand. So I’m sure because QWest has made their decision we probably won’t see them for very much longer. And BellSouth seems to be playing dumb right now saying “Noone from NSA every contacted us.” Funny but isn’t ATT trying to buy BellSouth? All of this just seems really bad. Like Empire Stikes Back bad.

Burnie Burns gave us a peek at the scary future of the internets and the telcos during his keynote this year at SXSW. Here’s the podcast.

Skyscraper in Austin

Well I guess Austin will no longer be a city of small buildings. I heard about this project a year ago when I started working with WCIT. The Bank of America building at 5th and Congress is where WCIT headquarters was located and it will be demolished to build this monstrosity. Goodbye small town Austin. It’s kinda sad I think.

I though there was some law in place that kept Austin from having tall buildings like this from being built.  Maybe that law or zone or whatever expired.  Seems like there is enough property downtown that is not being rented.  And getting on the roof of that thing to view a parade down Congress won’t give you the best view.  I wonder if there is going to be an obersvation deck.  One comment on the Austinist said that it looks like a big exclamation point.  It kinda does.  Reminds me of the slab in 2001: A Space Odysey.  It definently is telling is of the future of Austin.