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Assassin H20

Some of you may know that AssassinH20 is happening right now in Austin.

I come to you, my friends, for help. If anyone you don’t know or if anyone you do know asks questions about me via email or whatever, please do not disclose any information that would lead to my death. That would be bad.

Also, please forgive me if I act a little more paranoid than usual. In this line of business, if you are not paranoid, you will die.

Currently, gamewide, 8 targets are down and about 39 to go.

I took my first target down Wed night around 10pm after waiting in hiding for 4 hours outside his apt and ending in a very climatic chase scene. (contact me for a full report)

Lastly, if you would like to help the cause and offer yourself as a lookout or a decoy, please contact me.

Thank you, you may go about your business.


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Google Calendar

I’ve become even more Googlefied. If you will notice in my sidebar I have I added my Google Calendar. I’m hoping this make me use it more and maybe get a little more organized. I’m always forgetting what I am supposed to be doing. Maybe this will help. I’ve made it public as an experiment. Not too much in there yet, but I’ll get to it. So add it to your favorites or add it to your own list of calendars.

Hey, you wanna Flock?

I just downloaded and installed Flock, the new browser built on the Mozilla platform. I’ve only been using it for about 5 minutes now. It was very easy to setup and import my favorites, but it also ran me through the config for my Flickr account and my WordPress blog for easy uploading and updating.

Upsides: the Flickr add in is awesome. I may be more likely to upload pics more often now that a nice upload tool is in my browser.

I’m posting this blog from the browser. No need to go to my site’s admin page to post.

Downsides: In Firefox there are favorite folders that can go in the horizontal favorites bar. So it’s like having multiple favorites drop downs. Flock only allow for links in the horizontal bar, no folders. Maybe they’ll add it later.

The blog tool doesn’t have an image insert button. No big deal for me because I can drop the image code in the source but for novice bloggers, they might find it annoying that they can’t easily insert a picture for their blog entry.

Hey it’s still beta and improvements can be made. I sure do love new toys though.

Blogged with Flock


Lacey and I are off Dallas for AKON 17 tomorrow for way too much anime and gaming fun and no sleep. I am hoping to get my Robotech DVD boxset autographed by the voices of Rick Hunter and Roy Fokker. I plan to do lots of DDR in the game room and watch a lot of anime all weekend. Oh don’t worry, I’ll be taking plenty of pictures. And I just saw that Peter Mayhew is going to be there. Yeah, that’s right….Chewbacca.
Friday night we will be going to Club Clearview to our good friends Cruiserweight play.

I also plan to hit the Allen Skatepark again. That place is awesome. I got to hit the LBJ skatepark last night in San Antonio. It was small and the bowl had a few little inconsistencies, but when you lust after skating cement bowls for as many years as I have it doesn’t take much to make me happy.

If you are in Dallas this weekend, give me a ring!


So what is everyone doing for the big day? Satan’s day. The official National Day of Slayer. It’s also the opening day of The Omen remake. I think I might wear all black and listen to Slayer all day. I thought about taking the day off of work, but that may be going a little bit too far. Anyone up for a seance? Or how about a sacrifice? Or maybe a field trip to the maternity wards at all the local hospitals to warn the parents that their child may be the son of satan?
Happy 666 everyone!!!

World of Warcrack

I did it. I gave in to the curiousity, the nerdiness, the hype, the addiction. I bought World of Warcrack. Let me give you a few reasons on why I did this.

1. It went on sale due to the expansion coming out after Summer
2. To keep me from spending $600 on an XBox360
3. To escape reality for a while. Work as been killing me and I don’t do drugs.
4. I keep reading articles in Wired by Joi Ito
5. I sometimes miss being in a clan or guild….I’m such a nerd.
6. Why not get in now during summer before the expansion pack hits.
7. To occupy myself so I will stop going out and drinking and spending more money.

    I’m sure I can think of other reasons. You all know I’m great at coming up with reasons to celebrate. Same thing applies here.

    So if I’m not around, I’m sure I’ll be on the Lothar realm fighting for the Horde as an undead warlock name Diekog.

    I blame it all on Joi Ito.

more fights

Last Friday I almost got into another fight but this time it was because I was breaking up a fight between one of my boys and some jackass who was acting like….a jackass. The guy must have been drunk because when I stepped inbetween them to break them apart he thought that it was me that hit him in his eye, that was now bleeding. I didn’t know this at the time and was confused on why the guy was yelling at me for hitting him. When I started moving toward him to straighten it out my other boys held me back. The guy got pissed and stormed out of the club pissed off. I found my friend who was in the fight and realized that we looked almost identical with our glasses and black shirts and short hair. It was funny and we laughed it off and had a great time. I swear I’m not as violent as it seems. It was just one of those weeks.