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SXSW07Is it too early to be getting excited about SXSW07? People from out of town are already posting messages about trying to find a place to stay. Even Mr. Hollywood himself, Mytch, is planning on coming down. I’m excited….already. ScreenBurn Beta Fest should be better this year. A keynote by Dan Rather could be interesting. Oh and then there’s all the music stuff too, oh and the film stuff as well. Countdown is on and I’m ready!

Big Bang Maker: On/Off

New Zealand scientists are building a Stargate! Well kinda. It’s a big particle accellerataor that will created “small big bangs” and possibly black holes. The scientists say that this could possibly open a door to other dimensions. Pretty cool I think. Oh ya there is a 10 to the negative 40 percent that it could destroy the earth. But oh well, scientist must take risks. Maybe if there’s an accident, one of the scientist may develope some supernatural powers like Dr.Doom and then try to intentionally destroy the Earth….or maybe just take it over. I finally saw Fantastic Four last night, so I guess that’s where this is all coming from. Which it was better than I thought it might be. The Human Torch saved that movie for me I think. He was funny. Ok back to visiting alien planets by stepping through a Stargate portal. Cool huh. So they’re going to turn it on and leave it on for at least a decade and maybe even twenty years, but they won’t have any results until after the first year. Why did Chernobyl just pop into my head? Anyways, I can’t wait until they find out new things…..or until they blow up the Earth.

Blogs and shooting rampages

need a hugThis article is about the blog of the Montreal College shooter. He opened fire last Wednesday and was caught? and gunned down Thursday morning. This kid was messed up. After reading the whole thing I said to myself, “Maybe he needed a hug.”

But seriously, the events were horrible and this guy sounds like a crazy whiney psychotic individual. So go hug your local loner today and make a difference for others!

Blogs have really changed the way we are able to see people and who they are.
Without this blog, no one probably would have read or heard the things this kid thought or said for months until they had found his diary, copied them, and released them. And even then we don’t know if they were actually his words or copied correctly. Of course this report states that the blog has been taken down and we can only go by what this article reports, but still it’s only been 1 day.

I used to blog a whole lot of personal entries but for some reason I stopped because they weren’t really about anything that anyone else would really like reading about. Most of my entries now are about new things I find out, news, or events but I do like to put my personal spin on it. I had decided that no one wants to hear me gripe about this or complain about that or what little insignificant things that are going on in my life. My website hits increased quite a bit when I stopped writing all about me. Go figure. I think this is the most personal I’ve been on my blog for quite some time. Sorry. On with the other topics!

Nerd Factoid

Harold and Maude was a great movie. I can watch that movie over and over. It’s probably one of my favorites. Dark, funny, and beautifully shot. The Cat Stevens soundtrack fits perfectly. Bud Cort plays Harold. He’s been in a lot of other movies and shows and voices on animated series, but here’s one I was happy and surprised to see him in….

Bud Cort was also the voice of Edgar, the psycho computer, in the 1984 movie Electric Dreams. This might have been one of the first movies that got me interested in computers, AI, and robot psychology. If only I could have made my Commodore 64 talk to me. Now you must go rent this movie and watch it if you have not seen it. And there must be something wrong with you if you have never seen Harold and Maude, one of the best true love stories of our time.