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Let Dilbert’s Voice Be Heard

Scott Adams (Dilbert) has gotten his voice back after losing it for 18 from a rare condition called Spasmodic Dysphonia.

Read more about it on his blog. It very inspiring and I wish him the best of luck in retaining what has occurred.


Feast posterLast night I went over to Dustin’s place and watched the movie, Feast, with Dustin and Philip.  This was a good movie.  It is a horror monster movie that is simple, contains one liners, and pokes fun at itself and the whole genre of these films.  A suprise from the executive producers, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Wes Craven…well not a suprise from Wes Craven.
At this point I would also like to point out that Henry Rollins is in the movie and plays a motivational speak and I know that in a few posts ago I told you how much I can’t stand him, but in this movie he is great.  Why?  What changed my mind?  To me, it seems he’s pretty much playing himself.  So for that role he was perfect.

Back to the review.  It’s got plenty of gore and a lot of the fun is trying to figure out who is going to get mangled and/or eaten next.  If you want to watch a fun horror movie that you can laugh to and jump a little to, check this movie out.

What a Weekend!

What a weekend!  One of my best friends, Mytch, came down for the weekend accompanied by his friend, Kate, from North Carolina.  It was truly a fun weekend.  Lots of Veggie Heaven and a trip to Alamo Downtown to see Mr.SinusSnakes on a Plane.  It was a good dinner and a good show.  I think the best part of it was just being around the best friends I’ve ever had and have had for so long, Mytch, Shawn, Kenny.  Mytch and I have known of each other since I was in about 4th grade and we became friends when I was in 7th grade.  We skated countless skate sessions together over the past 20 years and on Saturday we hit the Mable Davis Skatepark and had one more little session while the betties watched on.  Mytch is probably my favorite person to skate with.  When I skate, I make silly noises and make jokes, at myself and others, and it’s definently more fun when Mytch is there.
We also saw The Grudge 2.  And now when I over stuff myself with food I will say I’ve got the Gurge.  Yes, the Gurge.  There were some scary parts in the movie but overall, I was a little bored.  The acting was horrible as was the script, so I guess the actors really didn’t have much to work with.
Hanging out with Lauren was cool, because we used to hang in high school and we’ve run into each other downtown several times but never get a chance to sit down and really talk.  That was good.
In sports news, the Green Aliens defeated the Red something or others with a shut out score of 5-0 on the Dittmar soccer fields.  Coby with one assist and a near goal maintained defensive superiority by collecting the popouts when the clog of shin kicking players fought for the ball in their little huddle.  It was the best performance of this young athelete ever.  I see a promising future this one.

Well that’s really all for now.  I do think something is happening on Friday but I can’t quite recall.

I hate Henry Rollins

The other night I went to Music Monday at Alamo Drafthouse Downtown and saw Ghost on the Highway: A Portrait of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club by Kurt Voss. It was a great documentary. I personally had never really been aware of The Gun Club and the film, due to legal issues, did not have any of their music in the film at all. The interviews were hillarious, especially the ex members of the band. The college kid got pretty annoying. But the main reason why I blog about this, is that this film also interviewed Henry Rollins and furthermore this film further instilled the fact that I can’t stand Henry Rollins. His pretentious attitude and because he was punk and in Black Flag, that means he’s a god. God I can’t stand him. His stand up comedy wasn’t funny. I don’t really care for his spoken word, I think it’s boring. His talk show on IFC is good except for him being in it. If he weren’t so arrogant about his fame I don’t think I would have such a problem, but the fact that he is, but plays it off that he doesn’t care about all that is really annoying. Ok, I think that’s all. The film was good though. And as I listen to The Gun Club now, it’s good. It reminds me of some of the Texas rock/punk that was going on in the mid/late 80′s (Loco Gringos, Last Rights). Check it out.