Archive for December, 2006 had a great post about a new online project site that is basically a cut down version of photoshop. It’s still in very early beta, but I thought I’d share since many people ask me how to edit, resize, color, etc their pictures. This is a good free way to do it online from anywhere, if you don’t want to spend $600+ for Adobe Photoshop.

I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before Google snatches this up and makes it Googleshop….or Phoogleshop…


Nerdcore for LifeKenny recently informed me that I was “nerdcore“. After watching the trailer for the Nerdcore For Life documentary, I could only admit that he was right. I didn’t even know it. Some of the latest lyrics for my hip hop adventure have been quite the geeksta rap. I haven’t really had the time to get it down on disk, but MC Invidkllr is alive and well. I’m looking forward to the documentary and have mentioned to SXSW Interactive that they should consider having a Nerdcore Night or showcase. Nerds are here and they’re strong with computer skillz at +20. R3PR3$3NT N3RDC0R3 4 L1F3!!!

Here are a few links to check out: