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The quest for the bonsai tree

Bonsai TreeOne of my 43Things was to get a plant. I’ve been recently thinking about the possibility of getting a dog and breaking my no pet policy. But for now, I’m going to start with a plant and see if I can keep that alive. I’ve always like bonsai trees because they are so unique and each one looks different from another. Last week on the way home driving through traffic I spotted and roadside display of bonsai’s. I couldn’t get over and stop due to traffic and I just wanted to go home. Well I looked for it again this Saturday and didn’t find it. I called 2 or 3 places. I went to a nursery, Home Depot garden, Walmart nursery, and 2 Lowe’s nurseries. The last Lowe’s had about 10 for $9.97 each. So I finally got my bonsai. But now I’m thinking it needs a friend. I haven’t name it yet either. It needs a name.

Ice Storm 2007

ICEHooligans fall season is over but the new season has already begun and we’re in the correct division this time, so come out to the games with everyone and cheer on the mighty Hooligans!
I survived ICE STORM 2007. Whew, it was a rough 2 days. Not really…It was quite lame. The problem is that no one can drive here, so the city has to shut down. Whatever. I did some photodocumentation that I have put on Flickr.
Before the storm, it was a full weekend. Hooligans banquet, kung fu with the kid, movie, Matt’s “I came back from Iraq alive and unharmed” yearly get together for beers, the amazing Newcastle vs. Tottenham game, Goth (the board game) with friends, Burning Crusade released, and then finally back to work.
Last night I hung out with some friends and after reviewing the pictures today, I once again remind myself, like I do quite often, that I have the greatest friends in the world.

video of Ice Storm 2007 vs. Invidkllr:

yesterday’s water status

By the end of yesterday I think I drank about 100oz which is my goal for my daily amount. But that was from 8am till 2am this morning. Also had two beers and a whiskey coke. >_<
This .5 L bottle that I keep refilling is getting really annoying. I need to move up to a 1 L bottle at least. Something else to ad to my list of things to do.


Word up yo, check the new iPhone. $599 w/ 2 yr contract available June 2007. 8 gigabyte, touchscreen, widescreen movies, wifi, bluetooth, quadband GSM + EDGE… the web looks great on it.

I may have to hold up on getting a laptop and start saving for one of these puppies. eehhh maybe not.

Here’s the article on Steve Job’s keynote.

43 Things

43ThingsWell I said I wasn’t going to have any new years resolutions, but going to today, I saw a link to an old site that I hadn’t been to in a while.

Mytch had one for a while and it was an interesting twist on blogging. So I created an account today. There are a lot of things that I need and want to do, but it seems I procrastinate and let them slip by all too easily. I’m hoping that maybe 43 Things will help. Do you have 43 Things that you want to do with your life?

I’ve added a link to my sidebar for 43Things and any entries that I enter there should also show up on this blog. We’ll see how well that works.

Happy New Years

NYE2006 is over and 2007 is on.  My celebration was a night to remember.  As I was the designated driver I did not drink after dinner and thus did not forget what went on.  Let’s just say it was a singles night with a few of my friends that have recently become single.  Born to Lose, Far From Finished, and the Stummies were awesome and put a great finish to the night.  There were no fights and it didn’t seem like there was too much drama.
I did get to see one guy walk flat into a brick wall in front of Stubbs.  That was quite comical.
I did not make any new years resolutions.  I heard that they weren’t cool any more.  I never keep them anyways.  If I were to make one this year it would be:  Don’t Die.  I think that’s a good goal.
I posted a few pictures on the Flickr from New Years.