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Someone Beat Me Up Please

Every time I get a song stuck in my head now, I try to think of another song to wipe it clean.  The song I used was the badger song.  But now I use another song….. ‘The Kill’ by 30 Seconds to Mars.  I hate it that I like this song.  It’s against everything I stand for, but it’s so damn epic with the huge chorus which is most of the song, since that is the new formula for a hit on MTV2 and 101X.  Thank goodness I don’t like their other songs, otherwise I might try to seek some kind of rock counseling.  I hate Jordan Catalano.  He is on my kick in the nuts list…maybe even top 5.

SXSW Preliminary Band List

Okay, so SXSW as now released the official preliminary band list for 2007.

Mates of State seem to be missing from this list, but Mastodon and the Daughters are still on there. Thurston Moore, Bloc Party, Don Caballero, The Stooges, The Human Abstract, Youth Brigade, Los Straitjackets, and about 1300 more bands.

And Interactive is going to kick ass this year. ScreenBurn Fest should be a kickass addition. DJ V.I.N.Cent and I (DJ INVIDKLLR) will be spinning a party on March 10 at a SXSW party. More info later on who will be able to attend and all the other details.

SXSW music listing

Austinist has a band list of 2007 SXSW acts so far.

I’m looking forward to Daughters, Mastodon, Mates of State, and maybe a few others.