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XB0X 133t

EliteXBox 360 Elite (133t or 733t) is in the house. My boy and I waited in line for about 40 minutes before the store opened on Sunday morning. With rumors of 25 Elites in the store and with my ticket with #4 on it, we knew were set. Most of the other people in the line were there for Wii’s, which they did not have any, so most of them left at this announcement. Some had been there since 8am. I was very glad to see the small line and knowing that I wasn’t going to have to drive all over town that day in a quest for Eliteness.

So reviews of it so far. Yeah it’s the same. I don’t have HDMI on my HDTV, so I can’t really say on that. But it is black. black black. I may not even put the silver faceplate back on, because the console is almost invisible with it’s blackness. The video content that came on it was very futbol oriented which I liked. Soccer movies trailers and commercials. Less content I wanted to delete right away.

I was also happy to see that my achievement points were restored with my Gamertag, although of course my game saves were not. I still have to replay my games to get back to where I was before. Not too big of a deal though.

It it nice to have the security of having all that extra harddrive space. As Melissa would say, “It makes me happy in my pants.”

Yesterday was a sad day :(

smithYesterday was a sad day. I took off my silver faceplate and drove to Best Buy and I returned my XBox 360, just hours before my 30 day return was up. But guess who will be waiting at the doors Sunday morning at Best Buy to get the new XBox 360 Elite? Me! and Coby (it’s my weekend! woohoo!). It’s only an extra $80 for the 120GB harddrive, which bought as an accessory is $179 by itself, which is pretty lame. Luckily, I bought mine close enough to the release date that I could still enjoy the release of Guitar Hero II and have enough time to return my 360 Enterprise. Although I will lose all of my saved game data which is fine, because I have been holding off for a month from getting too deep into the few games that I have with the knowledge that I might return this one for the new one. That’s why my gamer score is so low and with the new Elite I will have to start over. Oh well. It has also kept me from purchasing any Live Arcade games, which starting Sunday myself and my boy can enjoy. So what do I do for the next 5 days without a 360? Luckily work is sending me to Oklahoma City (enter best Oklahoma joke here) for two days. I’ll return Friday night and be busy with my boy all day Saturday and all set for Sunday to pick up the Elite and get it all customized. What if Best Buy doesn’t have enough and I don’t get one? People will die. Not really. But Invidkllr will not be happy at all….at all.argh

Invidkllr email read on VideoGameJocks podcast

Since my quest to buy a new gaming system, I have been listening to a few different podcasts. Video Game Jocks podcast is one of those. Their opinions occasionally conflict with mine, but there are also times when I agree with what they are saying. Good guys and it’s a good show.

Recently I wrote them a feedback email about my opinion on Guitar Hero II for XBox360. I was just listening to Episode #37 (latest) and I heard my letter read on the show (1hr 19min 20sec mark). Kinda cool, I think.

They asked for another email back about my DDR costume….we’ll see about that.

These are the gaming podcasts I’m listening to now.

Video Game Jocks – 1UPYours

Squad XP

XBLRado and XBL (Live on Live)

Major Nelson

Bun Run 5k

Bun RunSunday started about 6:15am and at the starting gates at 7:50am for the 25th Annual Bun Run. This is the first running event I have ever done. I’m no stranger to group events as I have ridden my bicycle in the MS150 (182 miles) bike ride from Houston to Austin five or six times. 5k is about 3.1 miles. The run wasn’t too bad and Melissa and I were able to finish in about 33 minutes. (We are fabulous soccer players and run quite a bit on the field. I’m not sure if you knew that.) So now I should keep running and maybe train for a 10k. Right? Well, we’ll see. Personally, I find running boring. I’d rather be running while dribbling a soccer ball through a line of defense and shooting a game winning goal. But now that I have my nifty iPod shuffle mini, I should be able to tolerate the boredom of running a little more now. Maybe if I have a new goal of 10k it will motivate me to run more than I already do. All in all, it was a good time and a beautiful day for it and I’d gladly do it again.

Spicy Soy Bean Tofu

I love Veggie Heaven‘s #26 Spicy Soy Bean Tofu so much, I put a seatbelt on it.

XBOX 360 is in the house

I’ve canceled my World of Warcraft account. I haven’t played in almost a month. I was ready from something new. I almost went retro and got a PS2, it was in my hand, but then I realized I would be spending more money for an XBox 360 later this year anyways (Halo 3 in Nov). So, I’ve finally purchased an XBox 360. It’s been over a year since the launch of the 360 and I’m sure there have been enough revisions now to validate buying one. This was just a few days before the announcement by Microsoft of the release of the Xbox 360 Elite version. I don’t really have a need for the added HDMI port yet, nor will I any time soon. The 120 GB hard drive is nice but will also be available as an accessory. And the Elite is black. I actually like my white 360. I got a silver faceplate for it on Ebay for $0.99. I still have my old black XBox anyways.

So far I really like it. I configured it to stream audio, video, and pictures from my desktop which will be great for parties. The wireless controllers are awesome. There are also some games that are worth having now. Halo 3 has been announced to release in November. Guitar Hero II is in the mail…At least it better be. Stay tuned for announcement of a ‘Rock Star’ party complete with Guitar Hero battles. Also Grand Theft Auto IV will be coming out first on the 360. The trailer was released the other day and it’s got everyone buzzing about what changes are being made to the game.

I’ve been getting very active in XBox Live and gamer news, more than just reading articles and reviews. Now I feel apart of them.

Gamer Podcasts:
Major Nelson
1UP Yours


p.s. My gamertag is invidkllr. Of course… So add me and let play.