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Halo 3 beta starts in 2 days!

Halo 3My asian version of Crackdown finally arrived on Saturday, which included the Halo 3 beta. Just in time too. As all of you gamers know, Halo 3 beta starts this Wednesday, May 16th and will continue for 3 weeks. In order to be included in the beta, you need to have the exclusive Halo 3 beta version of Crackdown and XBox Live Gold. That’s what I should be doing Wednesday night but there is also the Wednesday night Guitar Hero competition at Ink, so I might be there after 3 or 4 hours of H3. If you’re playing and you know me, add me to your friends list and lets go killin!

Did they find Earth2 (Gliese 581c)?

[11:22] INVIDKLLR:
[11:29] solaboratory: ya i saw that
[11:29] solaboratory: too bad we are the aliens
[11:29] solaboratory: ha
[11:30] INVIDKLLR: haha i didn’t really think about that yet
[11:30] INVIDKLLR: i think we should go in hostile
[11:31] INVIDKLLR: eh i don’t know… big planet…big population
[11:31] INVIDKLLR: probably a lot older, and they’re probably a lot more sophisticated
[11:31] INVIDKLLR: that could be the Grey’s home planet
[11:31] solaboratory: they are also already here
[11:31] solaboratory: we’re noobs
[11:31] solaboratory: no one wants to talk to us
[11:32] INVIDKLLR: haha
[11:32] solaboratory: we’re dangerous like that
[11:32] INVIDKLLR: cause we team kill
[11:34] solaboratory: yup

Gliese 581c