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Silence for Soma

SomaFM is having a day of silence due to the new law that will force them to pay $1.1 million in royalties for their independent internet broadcast. I have discovered many bands from listening to Indie Pop Rocks on SomaFM that have led me to buy their music and go to their shows and I’m sure thousands of others have as well. I cherish this site and the music they provide. I have already written to my congressman about this issue and I hope this day of silence on the internet will get you to voice your opinion.

They’re getting press too.

Click here to contact your congressional representative.

SXSW 08 Interactive tagline suggestions

My friend over at SXSW asked me if I had any suggestions for a SXSW Interactive tagline. I had a few….

SXSW Interactive:……

We Know Acronyms
Geeks Vs. The World
We Make Everything Work
Making Ideas Realities
I Should Have Gotten Into Marketing
Being a Geek Was Never So Hot
Geeks = Gods
Where Geeks Unite
Ask a geek, they know everything
Playground for Code Monkeys
Where Geeks Get Some
Where Ports Are Terminated
Where Geeks Get It On
Please Pet The Geeks
Enemies Of The Sun
Music and Film Needs Geeks Like Us
Blowing Bubbles Throughout History
Syntax and Circuits
Syntax Error: Yeah, you remember that..
Hack It Till It Works
Live To Code, Code To Live
We See Everything First
We’re Two Years Ahead Of You
E3 Is Dead
Internet, Games, and Apps, What Else Is There?
The Reason To Get Work To Send You To Austin For a Week Off

People change

People change quit a bit over the years.  Different experiences and different peers are a big factor in how we change.  I used to be a pretty nice, trusting, and friendly person.  Now I’m a nice to a point and only friendly to most, asshole.  I only trust those that deserve it.  At least that’s what I think and what I think most would agree.  I don’t live in The Bitter Pad for nothing.  This recent chat convo occurred today which pretty much sums up who I am according to her.

[13:15] prissy: Dude, I wish Mytch lived here
[13:15] invidkllr: yeah me too.  *sigh*
[13:15] prissy: It’d be like having another version of ‘good Chad’ around
[13:16] invidkllr: haha.
[13:16] prissy: As opposed to Philip who’s another version of ‘bad Chad’
[13:16] invidkllr: and me… i just right in the middle
[13:16] invidkllr: :D
[13:16] prissy: No, you conform to the good/bad alter egos
[13:17] prissy: You and Philip = 2 bad Chads
[13:17] prissy: You and Mytch = 2 good Chads
[13:17] prissy: You and Kenny = racist, homophobic Chad
[13:18] prissy: You and Melissa = gay Chad
[13:18] prissy: You and Cobes = dad Chad
[13:18] invidkllr: haha
[13:18] prissy: Man, I’m funny
[13:19] prissy: Dad Chad
[13:19] prissy: That was a good one
That pretty much sums me up.  Which Chad do you get?