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13 And Life To Go

If you could go back and visit yourself at age 13, what advice would you give yourself? This was posed on my favorite forum site in an e/n (everything about me/nothing about you) thread. It got me thinking just a little bit and it sounded like a blog worthy set of thoughts…..and because I haven’t written any entries lately.

So 13 year old Chad:
1) Go play soccer. Quit football and forget about basketball. Play soccer and play for the high school team.
2) If you can do number 1 also, skateboard. Keep skating and skate more vert.
3) Study more in AlgebraII your senior year, oh and double check the exam start time during senior exams.
4) Girls want action. Give it to them. Getting down and dirty with them is ok. Forget the respect thing that you hold so dear.
5) Her perm is only temporary and in 3 years she’s going to be completely hot.
6) Spend more time with your brother and sister.
7) When you get kicked out of the house in a few years and you finding places to sleep, you don’t have to sleep in her closet, she’ll let you sleep in the other room.
8) Switch to boxers
9) Even though you have the tighty whities on, go commando and get in the damn hottub with the girls!
10) Everyone lies, cheats, and steals, even if you don’t.

So there it is. I’m sure there are many more, but I think 10 gives a good idea of how the conversation would go.
What would you tell yourself at 13?

Text Message Break Ups

So what’s up with the new trend of text message break ups? I say new. The first one I had heard about was 2 years ago while I was at ACL Fest and of course I heard about it via text message. Recently another friend of mine received a text message break. Each story is it’s own and are different situations but seriously, breaking up over text message? Lame. What kind of a sorry ass weak pathetic scared weak loser breaks a girls/guys heart over text message. Over the phone is bad enough. Instant Message is bad too. Don’t be a lame-o and do it in person. If it’s it’s long distance then phone is acceptable but webcam would be better. Like how I put the technology twist in there? Pretty soon there’s going to be a “text message break up” therapy group listed in the Austin Chronicle.
Text Message Break Up Video
And why doesn’t the iPhone have a camera? Really? Come on!

edit:  I finally played with an iPhone, it does have a camera and I really want one.