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Marathon Madness

Yes, I have been neglecting this blog, but not too much has happened in the fields that I usually write about.  Rock Band 2 was released and I purchased that on the release date.  It has been very fun.  The actual “game” portion of the game is a lot more fun with friends as a full band.  In RB1 I played through the game just to open songs, but in RB2 we’re playing as a band and in specific events that we make “band” decisions on.  Good times!  And the drum silencers on the RB1 drums have been GREAT!

I haven’t had too much time for much else due to my rigorous marathon run training schedule.  I’m signed up with Rogue Running and I’m up to 12 mile long runs as of last Saturday and running about 12-13  miles during the week.  I have decided to run in 6 races all together of the next 5 months which is a part of a series called the Austin Distance Challenge.  For more information on this part of my life and how my training is going you can hit up my other blog, which is where I’ve been, at, I really need to get a better header image for it.)