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Harris Hill Raceway visit

Whoapower emailed me Sunday morning and mentioned he was at the raceway and had a full tank of gas, new tires, and an extra helmet. I looked outside and it was a gorgeous day. I showered up and headed down to Harris Hill Raceway in San Marcos.
I was able to ride as a passenger in Whoapower’s Mini S, a buddy of mine from way back’s Audi (TT?), and one of their friend’s, Jefferson’s Lotus. They were all very fun and different rides. The Lotus was quick to pick up speed and quick to slow down for the turns. Towards the end of that ride a short loss of fuel caused a nice spin out at about 80 mph.
It was a great time which left me with a lead foot, a sunburn, and horrible idea that it would be fun to get into this.

Street Fighter II Tournament @ Red7

Street Fighter II Tournament

Wicked Celtics has a new hit

Wicked Celtics has done it again with a manly man power rock ballad that lays it down as it should be laid down.  I’m not sure if he’s over the top or has just lit the envelope on fire!

Red Dawn @ Red7

Kenny and I will be DJing this Thursday night at Red 7.