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Ghost Prom debut

Last July I started this comedy improv journey and now I find myself performing with my first comedy improv troupe, Ghost Prom. We’ll be headlining the Block Party open mic show at The New Movement Theater¬†tonight at 9:30.

First Block Party Performance

I was finally able to watch and perform at Block Party at The New Movement Theater last Thursday night. I chose to do a reading of a diary by a young girl in 1993 entitled ‘Going Nowhere Fast…Falling So Hard We Never Look Back’. This is the video of that first reading.
Going Nowhere Fast…Falling So Hard We Never Look Back Part 1

April Shows To See Invidkllr Perform

I will be doing several improv shows this month at The New Movement Theater on 1819 Rosewood Ave on the East Side.
WED 7th: The Megaphone Show (FREE @ 9:30)
FRI 9th: The Main Event (@9:30 $5)
WED 14th: The Megaphone Show (FREE @9:30)
SUN 18th: Awesome Freestyle Rap Tournament @ The Highball (TNM hosting!)
WED 21st: The Megaphone Show (FREE @ 9:30)
SUN 23rd: The Main Event (@9:30 $5)
SAT 24th: Main Stage: Megaphone Public Access (hosting)

Come out and laugh at me and all the amazing people I work with.