Text Message Break Ups

So what’s up with the new trend of text message break ups? I say new. The first one I had heard about was 2 years ago while I was at ACL Fest and of course I heard about it via text message. Recently another friend of mine received a text message break. Each story is it’s own and are different situations but seriously, breaking up over text message? Lame. What kind of a sorry ass weak pathetic scared weak loser breaks a girls/guys heart over text message. Over the phone is bad enough. Instant Message is bad too. Don’t be a lame-o and do it in person. If it’s it’s long distance then phone is acceptable but webcam would be better. Like how I put the technology twist in there? Pretty soon there’s going to be a “text message break up” therapy group listed in the Austin Chronicle.
Text Message Break Up Video
And why doesn’t the iPhone have a camera? Really? Come on!

edit:  I finally played with an iPhone, it does have a camera and I really want one.

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