Forbidden Kingdom

Forbidden KingdomWell it finally happened. Jet Li and Jackie Chan in the same movie. I seem to remember Jet Li saying he wasn’t going to do any more period/kung fu films, yet Warlords came at last year and now this. It’s fine by me, I love his kung fu films most of all. This film…excuse me movie, was just that, a Hollywood movie cashing in on the kung fu genre with the two superstar legends that are still alive. The fight scenes were great, especially the Jet and Jackie fight. Choreographer did an excellent job of equaling the two giants. For every blow there was a counter blow. A very even match, though I have my own opinions on who would win a real fight….even though he is older ;). And props to whoever wrote in Jet Li throwing a little Mantis Style in there. I wanted to Buddha Palm slap the horrible Boston kid character. He was just annoying and cheesy. Towards the end and he’s leaning down towards one of the other characters, just look at the drip of sweat on his upper lip. It just dangles there for an eternity and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it, just waiting for it to drip off. Other than his acting, that totally ruined the scene. It was a fun movie and I’d take my kid to see it. The PG13 is for the violence though it really wasn’t too bad considering it’s a kung fu movie.

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