Iron Man

Pepper PottsI caught this movie opening day last Friday at Alamo Drafthouse South and very glad I did (I love my Moonstruck pizza).  Robert Downey Jr. did a badass job of portraying Tony Stark / Iron Man.  Jeff Bridges was also really good in it and I like Gwyneth Paltrow as a red head, hubba hubba.  This was Marvel’s first movie away from the Sony giant and they proved themselves worthy to be on their own.  The spiderman series was a little big too campy for me and just didn’t quite seem as real as I’d like in a movie that you want to believe is a real world.  Iron Man seemed more real and less comic bookish though retained all the aspects of the comic.  The two hour length flew by and I haven’t heard anyone I’ve talked to not like it.  It was fun, funny, and adventurous…..and the toys…oh the toys.  I need to start saving for my own A.I. voice commanded robotic arm system. Apple, can you help me out? Go see it and have a good time and don’t forget to sit through all of the long credits.  There’s a little Avengers teaser at the very tail end of the credits.

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