My Dog Ate My Rock Band

A few weeks ago my dog, Crom, decided it would be fun to chew on the Rock Band microphone cable. This did not completely break it. Rock Band would intermittently recognize the microphone but when you sang, no sound would come out. It was broken. A few days later, Crom had so much fun chewing the mic cable that he decided to chew on the drum set kick pedal cord . Well that was just bit right in half. No kick pedal anymore. Rock Band was turned into Guitar Hero by a bored dog. The dog is no longer left alone with the XBox 360 anywhere around.

I shopped around for USB mics that would work with Rock Band and opted to just spend the $30 for a new one. I figured my Best Buy extended warranty wouldn’t cover dog chewage and I was a little lazy about checking it out. I attempted to rewire the kick pedal but found it useless to really even try. It wouldn’t be the same. In the process of disassembling the kick pedal I was able to disconnect the broken wire from the pedal. I just needed to find this little wire part and replace it.

One day I finally decided to call Rock Band support to order this little wire part or to see if it was even possible. In trying to find a support number for Rock Band, I learned that EA handles Rock Band support. I’ve had issues before with EA’s online website and support in working with the online portions of the game Skate. I was unable to login or create a new login to EA’s support site, which is needed to even get any contact info, like an email address or a phone number for EA. I searched some forums and found that other users had the same issue and another poster posted EA’s support number.

Finally, I called EA’s support and they questioned me why I didn’t try to contact them online…. :| After I told him my issue, the support rep informed me that I need to call another phone number for Rock Band hardware support. :| I called Rock Band hardware support and was able to work through the teleprompts to get to a rep that could help me. Jesse was very helpful. I told him that all I needed was the wire for the kick pedal because mine was “accidentally cut”. He informed me that I cannot buy or get just the wire, it would have to be the entire kick pedal. :| But he also surprised me when he said he could replace it under warranty. In my shock, I simple said, “Ok! Cool.” In setting up the RMA I decided to try for a microphone replacement as well. Told him the same thing, “The wire is slightly severed and doesn’t transmit the sound data.” He then jokingly asked, “What, did your dog get a hold of it?” I just replied, “Yes, yes he did.” In my mind I was cursing that little hellion. I blame it on the new adult food I accidently got for him that made him crazy. But Jesse said he would replace that under warranty as well. HELL YES! Rock Band was saved.

I recieved the kick pedal and microphone and sent back the kick pedal. The did not want the microphone back. Rock Band is back in our lives. Crom has been told that he cannot play Rock Band anymore ever.

This blog is to say that Rock Band’s support was bad ass and top class support. I’m guessing that it was another company that was hired by EA to handle the Rock Band support, but whoever that company is, they indeed ROCK. Thanks to Jesse for his understanding and quick help without any needless troubleshooting beyond what I told him I had already done and knew.

And EA, so many people I have talked to have expressed their hatred and dissatisfaction with your direct support and online support. Please do something with the online login system you have. Get rid of it and try another or you know what? Provide some company contact info without a login at least.

That is all, Rock Band party soon!

 added:  EA Support:  1-866-543-5435
                 Rock Band Support:  1-650-628-1001

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