Scoot Scoot Scoot

These gas prices are getting insane.  $60 to fill up for my car is just out of control.  I feel sorry for people in California and I always have, but I feel sorry for me here in Austin, TX.  I don’t think anything is going to happen to get the gas prices lower.  I just don’t see it happening.  I will have my car paid off in December of this year, about 6 months away.  I’ve been contemplating buying a nice new motorcycle but I’m not sure my Keinbock Diseased wrist can take the strain a sport bike would give me, and I know I can blow through a 5 gallon tank of gas on a sport bike in one night, I’ve gone it many times years ago.  I need something inexpensive for my daily work commute, which is in town and basically from North Lamar and Braker to downtown.  It’s an easy straight shot.  Is a scooter the best solution for me, other than the bus?  I’ve never owned one, but some of them look pretty cool.  Keneda and his bike from the anime Akira comes to mind with some of the latest scooter designs that are hitting the streets.  I’ve been doing a little research and I might actually hit  some scooter shops to take a look at what they feel like and see what happens.  It’s Austin and scooters are being seen more and more and more everyday.  Is it finally here that people are realizing they don’t need their big cars anymore or that they just can’t afford to drive them everyday?  I picture in my head traffic jams of scooters in Austin like they have in the busy cities of china.  I’m sure if I end up getting one I’ll be posting all about it.

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