What is in a name? That which we call Invidkllr?

I believe that I am having an online identity crisis. Invidkllr has been my ‘online presence’ name since about 1997. If there is a social network, messenger, tool, forum, or membership that needed a username, Invidkllr was it for me. I’m pretty tied to it; this blog, AIM, xbox live gamertag, my main email address, DJ persona, hip hop rap persona, so many other things that I can’t even think of right now. The reason I am questioning this name is that people have a hard time reading and saying it out loud and always have and not many catch the vague reference, which really doesn’t have much to with me other than the fact that I like Robotech. I’m not even completely obsessed with Robotech though I do keep the DVD box set in my office that was signed by voice actors of Rick Hunter and Foy Fokker, but that’s besides the point. I’m sure there are much easier to say and read names that I could go by that says something more about me. When I chose it originally, anonymity was the idea. Now I’m much older and the internet to me is less about being anonymous and more about being yourself. I have a few other real world nicknames that people call me, but each is only available in some aspects of the internet that I need and not a unique enough name for myself to be represented on all the sites and services I need to function as an online entity. “The online presence formerly known as Invidkllr” is just too long. Deciding on a name is even more dificult that deciding on a band name. You must think of something original and it must not already be taken, but still be rememorable. I want this next name to say exactly who I am and be appropriate enough to continue with until end of life, meaning myself or the internet. Perhaps I will still keep Invidkllr for my rap name, but do I really want to keep invidkllr for somethings and not others? This is when I start double thinking the whole idea and say, “Ah it’s a good name, people know me as that, it has history, I’ll just keep it.”

What to do, what to do….

A few names I’m thinking about but still won’t work for everything….
SirChadwick (sirchadwick.com is taken as well as Gmail address)
Chadcore (available on everything except Gmail, but sounds like a porn name)
ChadwickWayne (Gmail name taken)

Gmail tends to screw up all the names. It seems now that the only good Gmail names have to have numbers in them to be unique enough. Chadwick74 is even taken.

Ok, I’ve ranted enough and have come to no solution. Email me name ideas that you may have for me. You know the address.

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