25 Things About Me

I’ve been tagged a few times with this 25 things about me list on Facebook, so i’m a complying bitch.

1.  Chadwick Wayne is my real first and middle name
2.  I have an 8 year old son named Coby, named after Coby
3.  I work as an IT contractor for the Federal Dept of Transportation
4.  My current roommate and I were in a metal band called The Killing Word
5.  I have a music myspace page that no one knows about
6.  I have a hip hop joke music page and some people know about it
7.  I have a website/blog that noone reads.  invidkllr.com
8.  My Xbox360 Gamertag is invidkllr
9.  I’ll be at SXSW this year once again!
10.  I have crushes on Alizee’, Olivia Munn, Stoya, and Joanna Angel
11.  I had a porn star introduce herself to me at a bar in LA, I acted like I wasn’t interested, which i wasn’t.
12.  My miniature pinscher is named CROM, after Conan’s Cimmerian God of death, destruction, and infinity
13.  The one person I respect the most is my grandfather who is still alive and healthy, OG
14.  I didn’t meet my biological father until I was 19, we still talk a few times a year
15.  I was married from 2000-2004 with my baby’s mama.
16.  I have more hot tub stories than most
17.  I host about 15 websites and own about 10 domains
18.  Bands that I’ve played in : Anonymous Bureaucracy, Holiday, Forefront, Meridian, Kudeta, 7 Star Ensemble, Trust Ensemble, The Killing Word, My Heart Rains Black, MC INVIDKLLR,and  currently working on 2 new projects.
19.  I’ve been skydiving 3 times= 2 tandems, 1 solo
20.  Latest heartbreak was training most of the year for a marathon only to get a stress fracture and knock me out of training and miss the marathon.
21.  I played soccer in K-5th grade, then in college with Cameron Road United, and now indoor soccer with Hooligans Futbol Club coed and men’s  hooligansatx.com
22.  I’ve ridden my bike 4 or 5 times from Houston to Austin in the MS150 = 182 miles
23.  I used to be a pedicab driver
24.  I used to DJ at KVRX, DJ’s once on KAOS (pirate station), DJ’d a few parties for SXSW, and at Red7
25.  I belong to more online social networks and websites than most people, invidkllr, that’s me on EVERYTHING

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