No Regrets

A friend of mine posted a blog/story on myspace which was ’a gem’ as she puts it and I have reposted it here since her ‘space’ is private.
This is from Sept 2006. 

No regrets!

This is a true story about lost love, heartache, and humiliation. Let’s just step back for a moment to approximately twenty years ago. A young virile straight edge high school sophomore whom we will refer to as “Brad,” is making the dating scene. Brad finally works up the nerve to ask out a hot little freshman number. The big night arrives and Brad dons his best skate wear which consists of plaid pants and a black/blue striped shirt(don’t ask). As Brad goes to pick up the provocative lolita-like young woman, he realizes he is also picking up four of her girlfriends. Now the story becomes interesting. After cruising around for a bit, Brad and the now inebriated ladies approach the esteemed Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Dallas. As they access the rooftop and make way to the steamy hot tub, the anticipation builds. One by one, the girls strip down to their bras and panties. The vixens beckon Brad to join them like angels at the gates of heaven. Suddenly, Brad’s whole world comes crashing down when he realizes he’s wearing tighty whities. Apparently, he was in the midst of a strange transitional phase to boxers. The biggest wave of disappointment fell over Brad as he sat beside the hot tub of sin and watched the debauchery take place without him. What’s even worse is that he had to drive each and every harlot home in a scene reminiscent of, “Say Anything.” This particular Lloyd Dobler never wore tighty whities again and he never spoke to any of those girls either. Did he remain straight edge you ask? For twenty-eight long years he stayed true to the hardline until he met an evil woman that destroyed it all. Alas, that’s another story for another time. Brad has expressed to me that this event was his biggest regret. In fact, if he could change one thing, he would’ve gone commando. Now what about you ladies and gentlemen? Do you have any tales of regrets? Feel free to share.

I think this story teaches us all something very important.  Seize the moment and when in doubt, go commando.

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