2010 The Year of Change and Progress.

2010 is already beginning to be a decade of new beginnings and changes. That’s sounds like something Obama might say. In December I became single and dating life has already been interesting enough to keep me from doing it for a while. I do have a new show starting January 15th at the New Movement Theater. It’s a talkshow, podcast, video webcast, live studio audience show in the stylings of the old cable access shows that I used to love. I’m really excited about it and the first show will have guests John Kinsey and Wicked Celtics.
I also found out the other day that I will be moving in the next month or two. So long to The Bitter Pad house. I’m going to miss the hot tub the most. I hope to find a place more central or south for work and personal reasons.
Over the holidays I took a break from standup to concentrate on writing and the improv classes I’m taking. I’m now getting back into gear in standup and will be doing open mic tonight at Kick Butt Coffee on Airport. The last time I went up was at Cap City Comedy in November.
I also picked up a new HD pocket cam, so I’m trying to do some more youtube videos.
2010 the year of changes.

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