April Shows To See Invidkllr Perform

I will be doing several improv shows this month at The New Movement Theater on 1819 Rosewood Ave on the East Side.
WED 7th: The Megaphone Show (FREE @ 9:30)
FRI 9th: The Main Event (@9:30 $5)
WED 14th: The Megaphone Show (FREE @9:30)
SUN 18th: Awesome Freestyle Rap Tournament @ The Highball (TNM hosting!)
WED 21st: The Megaphone Show (FREE @ 9:30)
SUN 23rd: The Main Event (@9:30 $5)
SAT 24th: Main Stage: Megaphone Public Access (hosting)

Come out and laugh at me and all the amazing people I work with.

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