SXSW Review

The Polyphonic SpreeIt was a long, long week. SXSW is finally over. I am mostly recooperated. I have uploaded some of my pictures to my Flickr site, so check those out and leave notes and comments, because they are fun.

The 8 Bit party that Kenny and I spun was a good time. I don’t know how many hundreds of people were there, but I do know that the stage was about to come down from all the dancin that was going on. Some old school stand up arcades were brought in for the event: Frogger, Astroids, Moon Patrol, Pac-Man, Galaga. Oh the memories.

The web awards were awesome. Ze Frank was a great host for this event. Ibid Ellipse (Mark Jordan) spun the tunes at the pre awards party. Good food and plenty of drink tickets.

panelIt was fun seeing Joi Ito and Justin Hall bickering at each other during their panel. It was fun bickering, not mean bickering. (podcast)

Seeing Will Wright speak about story process in games was pretty interesting. Will Wright is the creator of The Sims and the currently unreleased new game SPORE, which he touched on a bit. SPORE looks a little more cleaned up and refined since the first demo I saw online about a year ago. I also spotted him at the Media Temple party. (podcast)

Bruce Sterling‘s rant was a little more uplifting this year. I almost skipped it this year due to his tears last year. I’m so insensitive. (podcast)

MumblebotThe Dorkbot event was cool. I love robots and there were plenty of them. The robots also showed up later at the Steampunk party along with a futuristic past cast and crew. Many people came out in their costumes and celebrated. Shaking hands with world famous hacker and editor of 2600, Emmanuel Goldstein, was very special to me.

Nuclear Taco night was hell. I swear that I will never eat those again. Although I think I said that last year. Let’s just say I didn’t sleep well and had to get out of bed about 3 times during the night.

We spotted comedian, David Cross, at the Side Bar. I quickly texted Priscilla, who ran from 4th st to the Side Bar to meet him. Best thing to say to him, “I loved you in Halo 2.” Philip also said this to him the next day. I missed my chance to tell him. I also went to a panel with Mr. Cross and he was hillarious even in that type of forum. A very cool guy. I also saw Brian Posehn.

Brian PosehnI caught two films during the week. The Signal – was awesome. Written and directed by 3 directors. The movie was split into 3 parts and each director directed one of the parts. A lot of the cast were at the screening and made for a cool Q and A session.

The other film I saw was Helvetica. The documentary about the famous font was actually very good. All aspects of the font were covered and much was about design and modernism, and the soundtrack was really good as well. I would even buy the soundtrack to the documentary about a font.

On the music side…. By the time the music fest starts for SXSW, I am exhausted from all the parties and panels and walking and waiting and meeting new people and talking and learning. It wasMe no different this year. Some of the music highlights though would be seeing Robyn Hitchcock, Pete Townshend, The Polyphonic Spree, 50 Kaitens, The Buzzcocks, Meat Puppets, Turbonegro, Thurston Moore, and Public Enemy (even though PE was kinda lame, something about doing Fight The Power to a field full of white people with their families.)

I’m actually glad to be back at work, where I can sit down and get things back to what seems normal to me.

Once again SXSW has inspired me to get some things done artisticly. I’ve put off a few projects for far too long.

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