XBox360 Just Killed PS3 and Wii at E3

I just watched the Microsoft XBox 360 E3 show streamed from the Gamertagradio balcony camera.  Some big games were announced and some big advancements were announced.  They went through the already known games, Halo ODST, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Forza 3, Beatles Rock Band, and then also announced Halo Reach, Alan Wake, Final Fantasy XIII, Crackdown 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and a big pull from PS3, Metal Gear Solid.
The XBox has also joined some other services that many people use such and integrated them into the console.  Little services like Facebook, Twitter, LastFM, and Skynet live television stream broadcasting.  Improvements to Netflix is also coming.  No more going to the computer to add movies.  Also the ability to watch movies and tv shows with your XBox friends.  Still no Blue Ray but why would you need that when you will have instant 1080p HD movies and television.  I’m really glad I got rid of my cable subscription.

Towards the end of the show they ended by announcing a new evolution in not only the XBox but in gaming in general.  Controllerless gaming.  A new hardware device will provide 3D motion detection and recognition as well as voice detection and recognition.  You will be able to flip through the dashboard menus simply by waving your hands and start playing games or watching movies by simply telling it to play through speech.  They have named this Project Natal and they are stepping up to Nintendo’s Wii to get non gamers involved in gaming by removing the controller all together.
The show started a little neutral and then just got better and better with a big bang at the end.  Hopefully everything materializes and comes to be.  I hope for Sony’s sake they have something big up their sleeves for their show because Microsoft just put another nail in the PS3 coffin.

It will be a fun holiday season this year!

Latest Quest

Harris Hill Raceway visit

Whoapower emailed me Sunday morning and mentioned he was at the raceway and had a full tank of gas, new tires, and an extra helmet. I looked outside and it was a gorgeous day. I showered up and headed down to Harris Hill Raceway in San Marcos.
I was able to ride as a passenger in Whoapower’s Mini S, a buddy of mine from way back’s Audi (TT?), and one of their friend’s, Jefferson’s Lotus. They were all very fun and different rides. The Lotus was quick to pick up speed and quick to slow down for the turns. Towards the end of that ride a short loss of fuel caused a nice spin out at about 80 mph.
It was a great time which left me with a lead foot, a sunburn, and horrible idea that it would be fun to get into this.

Street Fighter II Tournament @ Red7

Street Fighter II Tournament

Wicked Celtics has a new hit

Wicked Celtics has done it again with a manly man power rock ballad that lays it down as it should be laid down.  I’m not sure if he’s over the top or has just lit the envelope on fire!

Red Dawn @ Red7

Kenny and I will be DJing this Thursday night at Red 7.


No Regrets

A friend of mine posted a blog/story on myspace which was ’a gem’ as she puts it and I have reposted it here since her ‘space’ is private.
This is from Sept 2006. 

No regrets!

This is a true story about lost love, heartache, and humiliation. Let’s just step back for a moment to approximately twenty years ago. A young virile straight edge high school sophomore whom we will refer to as “Brad,” is making the dating scene. Brad finally works up the nerve to ask out a hot little freshman number. The big night arrives and Brad dons his best skate wear which consists of plaid pants and a black/blue striped shirt(don’t ask). As Brad goes to pick up the provocative lolita-like young woman, he realizes he is also picking up four of her girlfriends. Now the story becomes interesting. After cruising around for a bit, Brad and the now inebriated ladies approach the esteemed Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Dallas. As they access the rooftop and make way to the steamy hot tub, the anticipation builds. One by one, the girls strip down to their bras and panties. The vixens beckon Brad to join them like angels at the gates of heaven. Suddenly, Brad’s whole world comes crashing down when he realizes he’s wearing tighty whities. Apparently, he was in the midst of a strange transitional phase to boxers. The biggest wave of disappointment fell over Brad as he sat beside the hot tub of sin and watched the debauchery take place without him. What’s even worse is that he had to drive each and every harlot home in a scene reminiscent of, “Say Anything.” This particular Lloyd Dobler never wore tighty whities again and he never spoke to any of those girls either. Did he remain straight edge you ask? For twenty-eight long years he stayed true to the hardline until he met an evil woman that destroyed it all. Alas, that’s another story for another time. Brad has expressed to me that this event was his biggest regret. In fact, if he could change one thing, he would’ve gone commando. Now what about you ladies and gentlemen? Do you have any tales of regrets? Feel free to share.

I think this story teaches us all something very important.  Seize the moment and when in doubt, go commando.

Red Dawn Returns to Red7

We returns to DJ at Red7 on Feb 10th, Tuesday.
Red Dawn Returns

25 Things About Me

I’ve been tagged a few times with this 25 things about me list on Facebook, so i’m a complying bitch.

1.  Chadwick Wayne is my real first and middle name
2.  I have an 8 year old son named Coby, named after Coby
3.  I work as an IT contractor for the Federal Dept of Transportation
4.  My current roommate and I were in a metal band called The Killing Word
5.  I have a music myspace page that no one knows about
6.  I have a hip hop joke music page and some people know about it
7.  I have a website/blog that noone reads.
8.  My Xbox360 Gamertag is invidkllr
9.  I’ll be at SXSW this year once again!
10.  I have crushes on Alizee’, Olivia Munn, Stoya, and Joanna Angel
11.  I had a porn star introduce herself to me at a bar in LA, I acted like I wasn’t interested, which i wasn’t.
12.  My miniature pinscher is named CROM, after Conan’s Cimmerian God of death, destruction, and infinity
13.  The one person I respect the most is my grandfather who is still alive and healthy, OG
14.  I didn’t meet my biological father until I was 19, we still talk a few times a year
15.  I was married from 2000-2004 with my baby’s mama.
16.  I have more hot tub stories than most
17.  I host about 15 websites and own about 10 domains
18.  Bands that I’ve played in : Anonymous Bureaucracy, Holiday, Forefront, Meridian, Kudeta, 7 Star Ensemble, Trust Ensemble, The Killing Word, My Heart Rains Black, MC INVIDKLLR,and  currently working on 2 new projects.
19.  I’ve been skydiving 3 times= 2 tandems, 1 solo
20.  Latest heartbreak was training most of the year for a marathon only to get a stress fracture and knock me out of training and miss the marathon.
21.  I played soccer in K-5th grade, then in college with Cameron Road United, and now indoor soccer with Hooligans Futbol Club coed and men’s
22.  I’ve ridden my bike 4 or 5 times from Houston to Austin in the MS150 = 182 miles
23.  I used to be a pedicab driver
24.  I used to DJ at KVRX, DJ’s once on KAOS (pirate station), DJ’d a few parties for SXSW, and at Red7
25.  I belong to more online social networks and websites than most people, invidkllr, that’s me on EVERYTHING

Being Different

Being a father is one of the greatest things I have ever done, but at times it can be difficult and challenging.  This past weekend I had my 8yr old son for the weekend and we had a small episode/talk that reminded me of a similar episode I had when I was his age.  Flash back to about 1980.  My first grade class had been host to a student teacher named Miss Green, if I remember correctly.  She was a good teacher, if I remember correctly.  She was young and not bad to look at either.  After a few weeks or months (??), her time with us had expired and we threw her a little good bye party in class and continued on.  I remember playing after school at home with a friend and something had just set me off into a crying fit.  My mother came in to see what the problem was and to try to talk to me about it and for some reason I blurted out “Miss Green is gone.”  Even though I hadn’t even been thinking about it and it had nothing to do with what started to upset me.

A similar thing happened to my son as we were trying to go eat.  He was being a little punk about going to get something to eat and just wanted to stay home.  We got in the car and got to the resturant and getting out of the car he still had a “bad attitude”.  “Bad additude” was what my step dad called it when I was being a punk.  So I had to pull him aside and calmly tell him, “Hey, chill out.  Quit being a punk.  What’s your problem?”  Which then he broke down into a few tears and said, “Everyone thinks I’m different!  Everyone else got a 100 on their reading and I didn’t.”  I felt like I did when I was his age.  It threw my memory right back to that day I was so upset that Miss Green was gone.

His actual problem does concern me.  Children at his age (8) want to be accepted by their peers and be just like everyone else, but am I a believer that being different and unique is a good thing and sets yourself apart from the norm.  It’s a fine line to walk and to teach.  Explaining to a child that everyone is special and unique in their own way seems pretty simple, but getting them to really understand that can be difficult.  Growing up I always took people calling me weird as a compliment and I still do.  For younger kids it’s different.  It wasn’t until adolescence that I accepted my individuality and started to thrive on it.  I’m sure I had thoughts of “why can’t I be just like everyone else.”  I think every kid goes through that at some point.

I’m now learning that there are other things in the mix too and it will just take a little time and patience to understand what he is really going through.  It is truly heartbreaking to see your child honestly sad and to not be able to fix it right away and not living in the same household doesn’t make it any easier to be a better dad than I think I am.  Often I only try to find solutions to problems and being a parent, solutions aren’t always right there in front of you.   It just takes time, patience, love  and understanding.  While my child grows as a person, I have to try to remember that I am growing as a parent, always.